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#411 : Better Dig Two

Wynonna et Waverly adoptent chacune un plan d'action différent pour sauver Purgatory.



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Better Dig Two

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Better Dig Two

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Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon)

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon)

Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) dégaine son arme

Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) dégaine son arme

Mercedes Gardner (Dani Kind)

Mercedes Gardner (Dani Kind)

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga) un téléphone rouge à la main

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga) un téléphone rouge à la main


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Scénario : Emily Andras
Réalisation : Paolo Barzman

Black Badge Division

General Graham : Come on!

Doc : You killed her!

General Graham : Come on! Back! Back!

Jeremy : Hey!

Agent : General Graham?

General Graham : They're all gonna be food anyway.

Jeremy : Doc! Doc! Stay back!

Doc : Keep me away from her!

General Graham : Hey, don't worry. You only have to survive 'til morning, then it's off to the ark. To be food for our demons, but hey, another day is another day.

Jeremy : Mercedes, are you okay?

Mercedes : Not to be a Nedley, but this hurts like a bitch. And I paid a ton of customs to get this outfit here and now, it's covered in blood. It's soaked in blood!

Jeremy : Doc! I know that you're in there! You gotta fight it! You are not going to feed! I could really use some help from a half angel and a chick with a big ass gun right now!



Wynonna : You're beautiful. And terrible. The fog?

Waverly : The fog is no longer necessary. I am the fail-safe.

Wynonna : What did Jolene do to you?

Waverly : Jolene. Ah yes, the body's other half. Well, I suppose she helped Waverly… evolve.

Wynonna : Waverly Earp, you wipe that ethereal look off your face this minute. This is not an Enya video. I want my sister back.

Waverly : I have but one destination.

Wynonna : You do not walk away from me! I've been through hell to get you back, so if you think for a second you're just gonna bail.

Waverly : The affairs of man are no longer my concern.

Wynonna : I'm no man. I'm the woman who will not watch you become this… thing.

Waverly : As you wish.

Wynonna : What did you do? Why?

Waverly : Because it's her turn, Wynonna.

Wynonna : I can't see. I can't see. Waverly? Don't leave me alone in the dark!


Cleo : So, how's Little Heroes Training Camp going? You a big murder machine like Wynonna yet?

Rachel : Be quiet.

Cleo : God, the sound of Doc and Jeremy, of all of those helpless humans locked in that cage, screaming out to Wynonna as she just marched off with the last living Clanton. I don't think I'll ever sleep again.

Rachel : Whatever choices Wynonna's made, she has a plan. And I trust her.

Cleo : Aw… The only thing you should trust is that sick little feeling in your gut. Because that Reaper in the fog with Wynonna… It is Billy.

Rachel : No. Wynonna wouldn't do that to me.

Cleo : Billy may have pulled out his own tooth to save you, but Wynonna? She's leading him to his death. God. I am not your enemy, Rachel. Really. I just… I wanna get the hell out of this place. For good. And Wynonna? She is a sh1t. Just like every Earp before her.

Rachel : She's good people. And she's my family.

Cleo : Okay... sweetie. But are you hers?

Rachel : Jolene's hair is burning. What does that mean?

Cleo : That the Reaper's target is dead, which means… it'll be going after its most hated enemy: an Earp. So, your fam-jam? She's in real danger now. Unless… No.

Rachel : Unless what?

Cleo : Unless we turn Billy back.


Black Badge Division Cell

Jeremy : Vampire Doc, be gone. Let's get Cowboy Doc back, alright, partner?

Mercedes : Argh! Holy sh1t that is a ton of blood. Look. I think I'm in shock because this is my blood, right? All of it? Oh God, we really are just blood-bags in the end, huh?

Freddy : No, no, no.

Jeremy : Okay, okay. Mercedes, you need to rest! I'm no doctor but...

Mercedes : Yes. Stop the blood!

Jeremy : Okay, stop saying the B-word!

Doc : I believe that I could put a stop to all of this.

Freddy : Mr. Holliday? You saved my life, and I'm here to save yours because I know you don't want to eat an innocent person.

Doc : If I have to go through a werewolf to reach my prize… so be it.



Rachel : Is it working?

Cleo : Oh, yeah. This'll free my brother from Reaperdom. Tie you and lil' Billy together forever now, Rach. It's what you wanted, right?

Rachel : I'm just trying to help everyone.

Cleo : Of course you are.

Rachel : Now keep squeezing while I gather the, uh, ritualistic… sticks.


Wynonna : Uh… It's just a branch. It's just a branch. There's branches in the woods, you idiot.


Rachel : How long will it take?

Cleo : Just keep squeezing. Harder.

Rachel : Am I doing it right? Is it close?

Cleo : Oh, you are so close. I can almost taste it.


Wynonna : Keep going. Get Waverly. Hello? Help? If I get my sight back and you're at least a six out of ten, I-I will make out with you. Hello? Okay, fine a five… point five. Reaper. Reaper. Reaper. Ah! Waverly. Help! Ah! Just keep going. Waverly!

Billy : Earp! Earp! It's okay, it's me. It's okay. It's Billy. It's okay. Here. I picked up your gun.

Wynonna : If you can hold Peacemaker, then you're not… then you're not a Reaper anymore. How?

Billy : I have no idea.

Wynonna : Billy, my sister… I'm… I'm blind. I can't see.

Billy : Then you better stay close. I got you, Earp.


Black Badge Division Cell

Freddy : I can't hold him off any longer. If a vampire wants to feed, they'll feed.

Doc : She's already dead. Just let me eat her.

Jeremy : Hey, hey. Hey. I am not stopping you for her. I know you don't want to do this. This is not the real you. You've made amends. You've changed. I know it, Doc, I know it. You want to feed? Take me. I don't care. I've lost my love, my job. And if you eat an innocent person, then I've lost my brother too.

Doc : Jeremy.

Jeremy : Doc!

Doc : I had the most peculiar vision. In your, uh... ?

Doc : Thank you. I will resist.

Jeremy : I knew you would.

Doc : But we are still stuck in here.

Jeremy : Ah, Mercedes.

Doc : I might have superhuman strength, but one of me will not be enough.

Freddy : Werewolves plus iron bars equals singed paws. I...

Mercedes : Guys, I am literally dying and we-we all know that I was born to be a vampire.

Jeremy : That is actually a good idea.

Doc : Are you sure?

Jeremy : I mean, if you don't, she's a goner.

Doc : I never sired someone before. I will need your express assent.

Jeremy : Consent is so important.

Mercedes : Vamp permission granted, now get over here and suck me off already!



Nicole : Wynonna, can you hear me? Where's Waverly? Okay, I'm heading back in your direction.

Man : ... moving to… Noah... code. No... necessary.

Nicole : Black Badge.

Man : Attention. Camp . Moving to Noah protocol, code red. Eliminate townspeople. No survivors necessary.

Nicole : My townspeople. Oh, Wynonna, you better get her! Looks like I'm going to kick some government ass.


Black Badge Division Cell

Doc : We will not die in a cage.

Mercedes : My dental surgeon is going to kill me. Those veneers were fresh. Guess I could just drain him.

Jeremy : We really need to work on appetite suppression.

Mercedes : What are you, a 90s modelling agency? I will eat who I want. No more diets.

Freddy : Vampin' looks good on you, girl.

Doc : Oh, Mercedes.

Mercedes : Hm?

Doc : Bars?

Mercedes : Let's f*ck it up.

Doc & Jeremy : f*ck a duck.



Wynonna : My eyeballs are back in business. Though apparently there's nothing to see here. Where's Cleo? Where's Rachel? Billy, fresh blood.

Billy : They made me me again.

Wynonna : They saved you.

Billy : Probably to save you.

Wynonna : Is there any chance your bitchster didn't take my mentee as bait?

Billy : No, Cleo's unhinged. Okay, she's gonna do anything to get what she wants.

Wynonna : Well, what does she want?

Billy : I don't know. We have to go find out.

Wynonna : I'm going to find Waverly.

Billy : That's Rachel's blood.

Wynonna : We don't know that.

Billy : Yes, I do! A Clanton can't unreap another Clanton. Wynonna, she's in danger.

Wynonna : I'm not going back to your ranch. Last time I was there… It's a trap, kid.

Billy : Who cares? You have a magic gun and Rachel needs you to save her. I severed the root. I got tortured by my own mom to save you.

Wynonna : You were trying to save Rachel.

Billy : So you owe me one. And you owe her a few.

Wynonna : There's only one of me, man!

Billy : You're Wynonna Earp! Okay, Rachel used to go on about you guys. How it was after you came back.

Wynonna : Yeah, I was an asshole. I was a mess.

Billy : No. She said it got better. That you were awesome. And she's not some powerful angel. She's on her own. Waverly would want you to.

Wynonna : Low blow, Asshole Junior. Okay, let's go. Let's go.

Billy : If I step foot on that ranch, I'll get re-reaped. But um, maybe I can find someone to help me deal with this.

Wynonna : Well, good luck. Thanks.


Wynonna : Looks like it's just you and me. Let's do it differently this time. And let's hope Waverly's mellowed out by now.


Black Badge Division

Waverly : Humans. There's always a crisis.


Doc : You let us out of here at once!

Mercedes : Yeah! Some of these foods are human beings!

Doc : Very convincing.

Jeremy : Oh God! The nozzles! They're gassing us! This is Monument all over again.

Doc : Open this door!

General Graham : You won't get away with this.

Mercedes : We just did, bitch.

General Graham : Not you.

Nicole : It's time to get out of here, 'cause Colonel Sanders here decided to gas the place.

General Graham : Listen, lady. You can't let them out. They're monsters. This one's a goddamn werewolf.

Nicole : He's also my florist. And his name is Freddy.

Freddy : Honestly, I prefer Fred.

Nicole : Not the time! Get.

Doc : Let's go. Go, go, go.

Nicole : You see, General, our town here, it's pretty inclusive.

General Graham : Yeah.

Nicole : Or at least, from now on it's gonna be. But not to your kind.

General Graham : What is that, the military?

Nicole : Utter dickwads. Move it and lose it.

General Graham : Just who the hell do you think you are?

Nicole : I'm the goddamn sheriff of Purgatory. You messed with the wrong town. Ah!


Nicole : We need to get everyone away from this building, back to safety.

Jeremy : The fog is still closing in. There might not be a safety left.

Nicole : Right along the side.

Jeremy : But maybe... there is an opening. Wait a minute.

Nicole : More fog? God, it's everywhere. We have no time to get Memento tattoos.

Jeremy : If this is correct, then the fog is gone.

Mercedes : What is it, sire? There goes all my feminist street cred.

Jeremy : Doc?

Doc : The heir. I have to get ready.

Jeremy : For what?

Doc : I don't know. All is fine.

Nicole : Okay, we need to get all these people, and otherwise, home.

Doc : As an otherwise, I will not be affected by the gas, so I'll head back in and get any stragglers. And my guns.

Nicole : Okay, everybody, let's go! We're moving!


Clanton Land

Wynonna : Ugh, who beefed one? Oh, that's gnarly. Reapers. Clanton ancestors. I will not be RSVP'ing to this family reunion.


Cleo : See she was a hoarder, clearly. And in the end… God, who cares? You know, 'cause Mam? You're cancelled. See, you probably had a nice mom. One who didn't train you to hate. Well, f*ck that, and f*ck this family!

Rachel : My mom was a hero.

Cleo : Nobody cares. I am talking about me. And it is high time that my family's empire of dirt gets buried.

Wynonna : Get away from her!

Cleo : Oh, my, Wynonna Earp. I am so glad you came. You were such good bait, sweetie.

Wynonna : Go!

Cleo : You're like a master baiter. And now that you're here, we can finally begin. Holt!

Rachel : Sheriff Clayborn.

Wynonna : You turned him into a Reaper.

Cleo : Mm. No. Not me. That's just what happens to us. The Clantons. Well, except for Mam. She never got the chance, 'cause she's in Holt's lower intestines, right?

Wynonna : You're psychotic.

Cleo : I'm a Clanton. The Clanton heir. But you see, Mam… that bitch, she never told me all of it, though. About the Reapers. And our ancestors. How they would follow you around. Living in your head, demanding revenge. Begging for food. They don't even f*cking sleep!

Wynonna : Legacy's a bitch.

Cleo : But now, big bro's back to make sure it all goes to plan.

Wynonna : What does?

Cleo : Hm.

Wynonna : Cleo. Call him off. Call it all off. You can just leave.

Cleo : You know better than anyone that you can never just leave the Ghost River Triangle. And for me, those things always linked to my soul? Hm. But not for long. 'Cause I'm about to pass the torch off to our family's greatest enemy.

Wynonna : No. Don't do this.

Cleo : And once you become heir, you will kill everyone who means anything to you. And the worst part? You'll still be in there. Watching yourself do it. Kinda like my poor brothers.

Wynonna : I don't wanna do this again but I will shoot another human. Ha! Ugh! Rachel. Take this, no matter what happens, don't give it back. Run!

Cleo : Malediceres ad hostes.


Black Badge Division

Doc : No, I will not. If you need help, I can provide… Waverly Earp?

Waverly : That is no longer my name. I am a scion of the great guardian, Julian, protector of the fifth realm.

Doc : Okey-dokey. Hey, we should be evacuating this facility.

Waverly : I will leave once my property is returned.

Doc : What property?

Waverly : You have it. And if you will not acquiesce to bestow it upon me, I shall take it from you.

Doc : The book.

Waverly : Give it to me, and I shall return home.

Doc : You are home.

Waverly : So be it. I shall take it from you.

Doc : No.

Waverly : You dare to defy me?

Doc : I am doing this for my friend, Waverly Earp. Now you get out of her.

Waverly : I am her.

Doc : You sure as sh1t ain't.

Waverly : You've seen what's coming. You know what awaits you next.

Doc : I also know that Wynonna taught us that there is always another way.

Waverly : Give me the book.

Doc : Come and get it.


Clanton Land

Wynonna : I don't feel any different. Still hungover and eager to f*ck you up.

Cleo : It didn't work. Of course it didn't work. Mam always said I had sh1t for brains and brains for nothing.

Wynonna : I may be your greatest enemy, but I'm not the Clanton heir.

Doc : You are neither. I am. Move.

Wynonna : Please, no, no, no, no! Not the cairns.

Doc : Get in the middle.

Wynonna : Okay, I get it, Evil Doc! The Reapers.

Doc : Every Clanton that ever was wants to watch this, except for the coward.

Wynonna : I hope it was worth it, Cleo.

Cleo : What? A chance to escape a lifetime of torture and those f*cking things? I guess we'll see. Good luck, Wynonna.

Wynonna : Go f*ck yourself, Cleo. Yeah. I remember this. Yeah.

Doc : I do not need a prison to best you. But your fear gets them excited.

Wynonna : I can get you excited if you let me take you home.

Doc : The next time I step onto Earp whore land, it will be to coat it in the blood of your kin.

Wynonna : Leave my friends out of this.

Doc : You never did.

Wynonna : They wanted to help.

Doc : And now they'll die.

Wynonna : I know you're in there. Fight for God's sake, Doc, fight!

Doc : You will be duelling none other than myself. Our ancestors are merely here to witness the correction of the historical record.

Wynonna : What does that mean?

Doc : It means they have suffered long enough because of the actions of the Earps and Doc Holliday. And now, they will see what happens when the fight is fair. The Clantons… they shall prevail.

Wynonna : Doc Holliday, I am not f*cking fighting you. I don't even have a weapon.

Rachel : Wynonna. I tried to run but...

Doc : Pick up the pistol.

Wynonna : No.

Doc : Pick up the pistol or the child f*cking dies.

Wynonna : Alright, you want me to do an O.K., hey, maybe even a Great Corral with you? I'm gonna need some assurances.

Doc : Assurances? You do not set the terms, Earp. Now grab the gun.

Wynonna : What's in it for me? I duel you, die, and then you slaughter everyone I love? No, I'm… You gotta give me something.

Doc : Her. She, I will spare. But only if you pick up the goddamned gun.

Wynonna : This is all your fault anyway. You used to be cool.

Doc : Enough!

Wynonna : I'm having a moment with my weapon. Corral your emotions, dude.

Rachel : You don't need to do this, Wynonna.

Wynonna : I want your word that not one hair on this kid's head is hurt.

Doc : You have my word. Holt.

Wynonna : No! You literally…

Doc : That is only… if you pick up the gun now! You bitch.

Wynonna : What a waste all this was, huh? All your apologies. Everything you did. Doc....

Doc : Doc is dead.

Wynonna : He's been dead before.

Doc : I am the Clanton heir.

Wynonna : No, you're not. You're a fuck-up. You're a fuck-up like me. But unlike me, you've tried to be better. You're trying to be better. And you're so close. I won't let you do this.

Doc : Raise your pistol. It is time for a fair fight.

Wynonna : A fair fight's the only thing I know Doc believes in for sure.


Black Badge Division

Nicole : Everybody stay together, let's get to the truck!

Jeremy : Go. Go, go, go! Go, go, go!

Nicole : We're gonna send you guys over to Shorty's to keep you safe until we figure this out. They've got water. And alcohol. Maybe. Okay, guys, move back, let's move back. Get down low, okay?

Man : Come on, drive.

Jeremy : Ah! Jesus! Ow! My crotch is on fire!

Nicole : You wanna take the passenger seat?

Jeremy : No, no! What I'm feeling down there is for you.

Nicole : Jeremy, did you hit your head?

Jeremy : I'll get these people to safety. But you need to go to the stairs.

Nicole : Why?

Jeremy : 'Cause you're the only one she won't hurt.

Nicole : Sh1t!

Jeremy : Buckle up!



Nedley : All the booze we have left. Banana liqueur. Water. I'll call ya a Banana sh1t.

Billy : Nedley! Nedley!

Nedley : Appreciate the enthusiasm, son, but you're only getting juice.

Billy : No, Randy. It's me.

Nedley : Invisible monster teen.

Billy : I have a body again.

Nedley : Yeah, you've really filled out.

Billy : Whole lot of spells, whole lot of stuff going down with my family. The Clantons. I need your help. Please. Nedley. They might kill Rachel. And Wynonna.

Nedley : What?

Billy : But maybe, uh, if we can use this to make myself the Clanton heir. I don't know. You any good with incantations? It's very Midsommar.

Nedley : Never saw it. Was a barnacle monster.

Billy : Let's get to work.


Clanton Land

Doc : Be ready… to snap her neck.

Wynonna : Be ready to eat a bullet.

Rachel : You don't have to save me, Wynonna. You already did it once.

Wynonna : I know exactly one thing that's about to happen here, kid. I got you.

Doc : Five. Four. Three.

Wynonna : ... some? Stop now, I'll think about it.

Doc : Two. One. I want what is owed to us! Your life. Now, turn around and face me!

Wynonna : Doc Holliday won't shoot someone in the back. You're still in there. I know you are. And I know your code. The one I never should have broken because of what it did to us. That code won't let you shoot me no matter what they've done to you.

Doc : The Clantons have no code.

Wynonna : Rachel, run! You fired? You loaded it with the wrong bullets. You knew what was coming.

Doc : I think I've always known.

Wynonna : John Henry...

Doc : The Reapers, they are coming!



Nedley : You okay?

Billy : Keep going!

Nedley : May the name return to its rightful place. Where's the tooth?

Billy : More!

Nedley : Rooted together, forever, one family, one soul. Aligned. Repair the root!

Billy : I command my kin, my flesh, my blood to stand down! Stand down! Stand down!


Clanton Land

Wynonna : How do we end them?

Doc : They have stopped, but not for long. You finish... what I started.

Wynonna : I'm not doing this.

Doc : I am the last of the O.K. Corral.

Wynonna : You were a bunch of drunk cowboys. This is not worth dying over.

Doc : But everything else I did is. All those years of selfish rage. Becoming a vampire for just a little more life.

Wynonna : I want you in this life!

Doc : I do not want this, anymore. All I ever really wanted was… You kill them. The Reapers stop. My pain stops.

Wynonna : And mine never ends.

Doc : Wynonna Earp, this is the last thing that...

Wynonna : No.

Doc : ... I will ever ask of you.

Wynonna : We both know this is wrong.

Doc : Thank you.

Wynonna : There's always another way.

Waverly : Or perhaps a miracle. Humans are so curious. They know their fate is sealed but they never stop trying to change it.

Wynonna : Waverly... or whatever the f*ck you are now, you could save him.

Waverly : He does have regret in his heart for his many, many sins. But he defied the lifetime he was given. Many, many times.

Wynonna : Yeah, big whoop. You... you left the Garden. You got off the throne.

Waverly : You convinced her… me… to do so.

Wynonna : I'm saying we all make mistakes. I'm the Earp heir, remember?

Waverly : The Champion.

Wynonna : I gave so much. I lost everything. If you're taking her away from me too… at least let my sister save the man we both love. Please. Before you go away forever.

Waverly : I must take the book he possesses back to the Garden.

Wynonna : Save him first.

Doc : What did you do? Something is different.

Waverly : Hm. These bodies are so fragile.

Wynonna : Please don't go.

Waverly : Waverly did this for you. Your sister loved you very much, Wynonna.


Holt : Please. This… not... me. I want… I-I didn't...

Waverly : You're right. You don't.


Garden Stairs

Nicole : Waverly! Waverly!

Waverly : Go home, Nicole Haught. This is none of your concern.

Nicole : None of my concern? You're gonna be my wife.

Waverly : The gate must close, once and for all. And I must be the one to do it.

Nicole : I got left behind before, and I'm not doing that again. Where you go, I go, remember?

Waverly : The Garden is not for your kind. Human.

Nicole : No.

Waverly : I am the Guardian. I am the fail-safe. I must protect the Ghost River Triangle.

Nicole : What about Wynonna?

Waverly : The Champion. The only one who can wield the sword. But she has served enough.

Nicole : Okay, okay! Let's figure this out. I am the Sheriff of Purgatory. Let me extend my watch over all of the Ghost River Triangle, in every realm. Let me be the Guardian for all of us, supernatural and human.

Waverly : You'd sacrifice your life to become the Shield?

Nicole : Every day until the end of eternity if it meant keeping you safe.

Waverly : Well, I have already broken the rules once. For John Henry Holliday.

Nicole : Yeah, see? It feels kind of good now and then, right? So what's one more? Look in the book. Your story is my story.

Waverly : The book was ill begotten. It belongs to the Garden, as do I.

Nicole : Please, just look. Am I in there? Are we?

Waverly : It would be a steep price to pay. You would be bound to the Ghost River Triangle. You could never leave.

Nicole : Everything I love is already here. I swear to be bound to the Ghost River Triangle for all of my days. I swear to be patient and just, for there is no other way. I swear my life to protecting the Ghost River Triangle. I am the Angel's Shield.

Waverly : Nicole! Nicole! Baby, Nicole! Come on, Nicole, please! Hey.

Nicole : Huh...

Waverly : What's wrong? Oh, sweetheart. You sacrificed yourself for me.

Nicole : Don't oversell it, baby. I only committed to a permanent staycation with my girl.


Black Badge Division

General Graham : Soldier! You need to call BBD headquarters. Call in the army. Call everyone!

Jeremy : Yeah… We're not gonna do that. Chetri. Yeah. Yeah, we're fine. It's all under control. General Graham? No. Unfortunately, he didn't make it.

General Graham : You'd take their side? These demons? This is insubordination of the highest degree. This is treason!

Jeremy : No. This is Purgatory. And I am done letting Black Badge f*ck it up for everyone who has to live here. Freddy? Supper's up.



Nicole : Nedley has Rachel and Billy. He's taking them to the city for burgers.

Waverly : It's amazing they can travel to the big city.

Doc : Well, we all can now. Anywhere we want.

Wynonna : Hey.

Doc : Darlin', I already have four blankets. I'm very hot.

Wynonna : Yes. Yes, you are, but you shouldn't say it out loud. Can I get you anything else?

Doc : Thank you but, uh, I am good.

Wynonna : The best. Honestly, Haught, you can't just interrupt intimate moments like that.

Nicole : Oh. Okay. Ha, ha. Um, guys. Can we talk about the issue at hand?

Waverly : Dark Angel me? Well, she seems to be gone. For now. Thanks to my Angel's Shield.

Wynonna : I helped a bit.

Waverly : You're still The Champion. And the Earp heir. And my favourite sister. Top two. Top two.

Nicole : No, guys I'm talking ab...

Jeremy : Oh, no. Black Badge. Of course. They've retreated from the GRT. But if they come back, we'll be ready.

Wynonna : Doc, what is it?

Doc : My reflection. I have one.

Wynonna : You devamped him?

Waverly : I don't know if I could have... unless he wanted me to.

Wynonna : Did you want to?

Doc : I want a fresh start. To everything.

Jeremy : Honestly, Nicole, I am very single, let me have this!

Nicole : I'm sorry, okay. I want to talk about it! The wedding. Are you gonna marry me, or what?

Waverly : Yes, please.

Wynonna : Let's have ourselves a wedding!

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Emilie1905  (03.04.2021 à 19:14)

Trop bien cet épisode ! Il se passe plein de trucs intéressants :)

Je retiens :

  • Doc qui est sous contrôle dans la cellule, super intéressant de le voir se battre contre son besoin de se nourir
  • Dark Waverly pas si dark que ça puisqu'elle laisse Waverly sauver Doc et après Nicole devenir la nouvelle gardienne
  • Le retour de Billy c'est vraiment bien, je suis contente pour Rachel hihi
  • Jeremy je l'adore, il est trop touchant comme personnage je trouve !
  • Il s'est réellement passé quelque chose entre Doc et Wynonna, j'espère qu'ils pourront se pardonner les erreurs passées

Et surtout : THE WEDDING IS COMING ! Trop hâte de voir ça *.*


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