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#410 : Life Turned Her That Way

Un ennemi dangereux réapparaît dans le Ghost River Triangle, déterminé à faire des ravages et à terminer ce qu'il avait commencé.


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Life Turned Her That Way

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Life Turned Her That Way

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Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley)

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley)

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) boxe sur un sac de frappe

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) boxe sur un sac de frappe

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) court dans la forêt

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) court dans la forêt

Cleo Clanton (Savannah Basley)

Cleo Clanton (Savannah Basley)

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) est prête à utiliser le Peacemaker

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) est prête à utiliser le Peacemaker

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) tient sa précieuse fiole

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) tient sa précieuse fiole

Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) se fait discrète

Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) se fait discrète

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) et Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) devant les marches du Garden

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) et Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) devant les marches du Garden

Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis)

Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis)

Discussion entre Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) et Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)

Discussion entre Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) et Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)


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Scénario : Noelle Carbone
Réalisation : Jem Garrard


Wynonna : Hm. Ha! Unh! Oh, f*ckity f*ck.


Wynonna : Yo, fiancée as cute as Beyoncé! We gots a probs. Heh. No coffee? No doughnuts? What kind of cop are you?

Nicole : BBD officially stopped sending in supply trucks so every store in Purgatory is pretty low, Earp.

Wynonna : So, listen. Funny story, I kinda… misplaced Peacemaker. I know what you're thinking but it was an honest to Gaga oopsie this time.

Waverly : Or was it a blackout?

Wynonna : Good one. Guys. Whatever is going on here, can we shelve it? We need to find Peacemaker before she falls into the wrong hands.

Waverly : The first thing we want to say, Wynonna, is that we love you very much… and this is not an attack.

Wynonna : No. It's worse. It's a goddamned intervention!

Waverly : We're really worried about you. You're hunting all the time. You're not really sleeping...

Wynonna : I'm totally sleeping.

Nicole : No, you're passing out. That's not the same thing.

Waverly : You're isolating yourself.

Wynonna : No, I'm hunting alone. So until a new Chosen One rolls into town… who's old enough to drink.

Waverly : Wynonna! You're so… you seem so...

Wynonna : Dedicated to keeping my friends and family safe?

Waverly : Really sad. And lonely.

Wynonna : Well, we don't all have the luxury of happily ever after.

Waverly : Doc loves you.

Wynonna : Shut up.

Waverly : And so do we.

Wynonna : Just keep the stupid gun.

Nicole : Hey, babe.


Waverly : Wynonna, stop! Please!

Wynonna : You want me to admit I have a problem? Okay, well here's my problem, it's a big one. Uh, if I stop killing demons, everyone I love, like you, gets eaten.

Waverly : Or maybe that's what you've been telling yourself Wynonna. Because you like it. A little too much.

Wynonna : I don't hear anyone else complaining about being too not dead, because I've taken out too many demons...

Waverly : What about Holt? He was human.

Wynonna : Why is it that when you kill a Clanton, it's the right thing to do but when I do it, it's a problem?

Waverly : You know I really thought we'd have a couple more years before your transition from fun drunk to mean alcoholic.

Wynonna : Have fun planning your wedding, you sanctimonious asshole.


Nicole : Hey. Once she's done being defensive, she's gonna realize that you're right.

Waverly : Am I? I'm not judging her. I'm just trying not to lose her.

Nicole : Hey. You want me to stay?

Waverly : No. You gotta go.


Waverly : Hey, can you meet at our place? And bring the thing.


Garden Gates

Waverly : Is the book still blank?

Doc : As a wet slate.

Waverly : Keep it. I don't want Wynonna to find it and think… Well, I don't know what she'd think. Not after the fight we just had.

Doc : You alright?

Waverly : Yeah. But she's not. I keep hoping that will have answers. Wynonna's part of my story. Big part. You all are. That's why I chose my own book.

Doc : Smart.

Waverly : Or was it selfish? Why would the Garden offer me a book we can't read?

Doc : That Garden was full of deceptions.

Waverly : And if Wynonna hadn't saved me, I'd still be in there.

Doc : Tormented... for an eternity.

Waverly : No. That's not what it was like. The throne, it took all of my cares away, for everyone and everything.

Doc : Sounds like hell.

Waverly : It was like heaven. Is that what it's like to be an angel?

Dallas : Well, seems like we're not the only ones out for a stroll, Remy.

Remy : Hey, Doc. Waverly.

Doc : I did not peg you for outdoorsy.

Dallas : Things change.

Doc : There will be no hunting here, Dallas.

Remy : You're outnumbered, Doc. Just leave the girl and we'll let you go.

Doc : I expected this kind of chicanery from him. But you, Remy?

Remy : We're so hungry, Doc.

Dallas : Ah! Ha! Ha! Not even you can kill me with a six-shooter, Holliday.

Waverly : But I can. With this. What? Come on. You did it once before!

Doc : Why do you have Wynonna's gun?

Waverly : It's a long story.

Doc : Never mind that. Run!



Voice : Waverly… Waverly...

Waverly : Hello?!

Jolene : Of all the cabins in all the world.

Waverly : Jolene. You can't be real. Wynonna shot you.

Jolene : When Bulshar died, his vines released me. But then you opened up the Garden and all this fog rolled in, trapping me here. But now, after everything that I have been through, we are gonna have so much fun.

Waverly : Like hell we are.



Remy : Waverly ran into the fog!

Doc : We are nowhere near the border.

Dallas : Told you. The fog's everywhere now.

Doc : Let me tend to Waverly and I will give you your fill of everything in The Glory Hole. Food, libations...

Remy : That ain't there anymore. Black Badge raided it in the morning, dragged everyone out.

Doc : Then we have more pressing concerns than food in our bel...

Remy : Ah.

Man : Targets down.

Woman : Moving in.

General Graham : Wow. Mr. Moustache is a strong one.

Doc : I will remember your face.

Man : Leave that one. He's not on the list.



Wynonna : 'Sup? You gonna stage an intervention on my taste in music?

Rachel : I'm sorry about what happened earlier.

Wynonna : Why? Now's as good a time as any to find out my sister thinks I'm a chip off the abusive asshole block. What do you want, Rachel? I'm training.

Rachel : That's what I wanna do. Train. With you.

Wynonna : Yeah, sure. Obi Wan Wynonny at your service.

Rachel : I'm serious. You're the only one who talks to me like I'm not a kid.

Wynonna : Purgatory's not a place where people get to be kids.

Rachel : Which is why I need to be able to defend myself. And you're the only person around here kicking actual ass.

Wynonna : I must still be drunk cause it sounds like you're saying…

Rachel : Please, Wynonna. Teach me to be like you?

Wynonna : Oof.


Black Badge Division

Cleo : I filled it all out, in triplicate. Hm. Which is bullshit, by the by, because if anybody should be allowed to leave the Triangle, it's The Magistrate.

Woman : Even people with status positions haven't been allowed to leave lately. But... good luck.

Cleo : Come on, come on, hurry up.

Woman : Oh, heavens, what is that stench?

Cleo : Just the universe taking a giant dump on my hopes and dreams. I gave you a whole bus full of geezer food, now go eat with the others!

Woman : Oh, I'm sorry. It says here your mother and brother were killed recently?

Cleo : Brothers. And how the hell does your computer know that?

Woman : It knows a lot of things. But glass half-full, you passed the screening. You're clear to go through. It must be awful losing your whole family like that. But of course, they always stay with you.

Cleo : That's the part that sucks.



Wynonna : You're doing it wrong. I'll help you. Listen. What you do is you put on a skimpy outfit and then, you pretend you're lost in the woods. And then, when the demons show up to eat you, zigazig-ah!

Rachel : I know what you're doing.

Wynonna : Really? I barely know what I'm doing.

Rachel : You're trying to scare me off.

Wynonna : 'Cause you could be anywhere right now, doing anything, other than hunkering down with some hungover bitch whose own sister thinks she's gone sociopath? Nah.

Rachel : You're my family.

Wynonna : No, I'm not. Hey. It's a compliment. Trust me. Nobody wants to be an Earp. Gibson? Maybe. But Earps? They always end up alone.


Wynonna : It's more fun killing them when they're not half-dead. Yo, Mini Mentee! This one's a demon.

Rachel : His name's also Remy and he plays bass in a Halsey tribute band. The blood's already clotting. You're gonna make it.

Remy : I'm so sorry, I'm just so hungry.

Wynonna : What happened?

Remy : BBD got me good.

Wynonna : Black Badge? Which agent?

Remy : A whole mob of them. Rounding up some demons, putting down the others. They took Dallas… and poor Doc.

Wynonna : Doc? Why?

Remy : Don't know. But it's better than what happened to your sister.

Wynonna : What happened to my sister?

Remy : It swallowed her up. The fog.



Doc : Wake up, you old coot.

Dallas : What is this place?

General Graham : A way station.

Doc : I demand to speak to Agent Chetri.

General Graham : Don't know him. But we've had a lot of turnover today.

Doc : And what, pray tell, is your name?

General Graham : Ha. In time, you will learn: this was the only way.

Agent : Quarhorn Demon.

Dallas : And proud of it. What's it to you?

Agent : We already have one of those.

Dallas : What's that mean?

Doc : Hey! Dallas?!

General Graham : Well done, vampire. We'll keep you.



Waverly : If you're going to kill me, let's get to it.

Jolene : I'm sorry if I triggered you.

Waverly : Triggered? You tried to destroy me.

Jolene : Yeah. But I failed, right? You were rescued. By the love and support of your family and friends. Now you're happy, healthy. I mean, I'm kinda medium on the hair but otherwise I mean you are thriving, girl. You know, while I was watching you sleep, I did a little bit of reflecting. On the last time that we hung out. And just how terrible it was, you know, for both of us. And I realized something, I'm not mad at you anymore. I'm sad for you.

Waverly : Jolene. Always a liar.

Jolene : That's why I wanna help you.

Waverly : You've been in the fog for far too long. Because you've lost your goddamn mind.

Jolene : Don't you get it, Waverly? Demons are just fallen angels. Everything that you have been fighting your whole life… you're one of them. Whether you want to admit it or not.

Waverly : I won't… I won't listen.

Jolene : You and I are the same.

Waverly : Shut up!

Jolene : I mean, you may not want to call me sister. But we are kin.



Wynonna : Every second Waverly is in the fog she's a second closer to tearing off her own face.

Nicole : And is now a good time to tell you that Cleo is the new Clanton heir and sent the Reapers to feed on a bus full of seniors?

Wynonna : We need help navigating this sh1t. Where is he?

Nicole : His phone's disconnected.

Rachel : We haven't heard from Jeremy in days.

Nicole : Yeah and Remy said BBD's rounding up demons?

Wynonna : Demons including Doc.

Rachel : This is a lot.

Wynonna : Welcome to the big show, kid.

Nicole : Hey, we will get him back, Wynonna.

Wynonna : Doc can take care of himself, and I'm sorry about the geezers, but Cleo can wait too. Waverly is priority one. Always.

Nicole : How do we find her?

Wynonna : With the only fog expert I know.


Casey : Whoa. Whoa! Not to kink shame, but I'm not really a harness kind of guy.

Wynonna : Well, you know the mind murk better than anyone. And you owe me and Waverly for getting us fog-fucked at Halloween.

Casey : Ancient history, dude. And I made you an apology casserole.

Wynonna : You covered Kraft Dinner with kimchi and weed.

Casey : Mmmm. You're welcome.

Wynonna : I know you've been mapping out the fog. It's not our fault you didn't actually write it down.

Casey : They can't use it against you, if it stays up here.

Rachel : Who's "they" and what's "it"?

Nicole : Okay. He's done. Our turn.

Wynonna : I knew you and I would get here eventually.

Casey : Whoa, no-go, Pixie Chicks. I'm only taking one of you in there.

Wynonna : Say what?

Casey : As good as I am at navigating the fog, it's gonna be thick like a deep-dish pizza in there and I can't keep tabs on both of you. So who's it gonna be?

Wynonna : Obviously me.

Nicole : I'm going.

Waverly : She's my sister.

Nicole : She's my future wife.

Rachel : Mm.

Wynonna : Well, if marrying my sister was legal, I'd have done it already, so check your privilege, Haught Wheels.

Nicole : Dude, it's my gear. I know how to work it.

Wynonna : Casey's my friend. I know how to work him.

Nicole : What does that even mean?

Wynonna : It means we have a mind-meld thing happening ever since we cooked chili together.

Rachel & Casey : For freedom.

Nicole : Okay, stop. I'm putting my foot down.

Wynonna : Stop. I'm gonna put my foot up your ass!

Nicole : It's my f*cking turn, Wynonna! You went into the Garden to save her and I went home, alone. For eighteen months, I did it. Alone. I'm not gonna do that again. I am doing this.

Rachel : She's right. It is her turn.

Wynonna : Judas. Alright, fine. But only because we're wasting time arguing. Strap in, strap on, get your... stuff. Just save my sister before she goes crazy and rips her own face off.



Waverly : That's mine.

Jolene : Yeah.

Waverly : That's mine!

Jolene : But this… this is Wynonna's. Uh! The Earp heir's magic gun. So much power. Ah!

Waverly : It knows you're not worthy to hold it.

Jolene : That's why I so much more prefer knives.

Waverly : You can threaten me all you like. I am done being afraid of you.

Jolene : Make yourself at home.

Waverly : Is that how many days you've been trapped here?

Jolene : Can I ask you something? You know, sorta sister to sister.

Waverly : Stop calling me that.

Jolene : Does it ever get boring? Playing the role of damsel in distress?

Waverly : I don't play the damsel.

Jolene : Or is it that you just don't want the burden of being a hero?

Waverly : I'm plenty heroic.

Jolene : Well, you weren't willing to sit on the throne, were you? You didn't stop Bulshar from opening up the Garden and enslaving humanity.

Waverly : Because I knew Wynonna would stop him. And she did.

Jolene : Yeah… And now she drinks herself to sleep every single night while you giggle in Nicole's arms. Are you punishing Wynonna because she was chosen and you weren't?

Waverly : No. No. No, I've b… I've been by her side every step of the way.

Jolene : Not lately. And now, now you have all this talent and you're channelling it into what is it? Wedding planning?

Waverly : Save your patronizing mouth-garbage. I can be a hero and a wife.

Jolene : Waverly, you have wanted your whole life… to be special.

Waverly : I won't tap into a power I can't control.

Jolene : Those hash marks? Those are all the lives that Wynonna has had to snuff out to save yours. And yeah, some of them were demons… but you and I both know some of them weren't.

Waverly : No.

Jolene : Imagine the weight of all of that blood on her hands. Because you wouldn't lift one single angelic finger just to help her.

Waverly : No. This is a trick. That's not what this is. And I know it.

Jolene : Let me help you be free.

Waverly : Ah! Gah.

Jolene : Stupid! Selfish! Little Angel!



Nicole : Okay. Use this to talk to us while we're in there and if you feel three tugs on the line, you gotta pull us back in ASAP.

Wynonna : Got it. Go get our girl.

Rachel : Good luck.

Casey : Put your hand on my shoulder or I'll lose you.


Wynonna : How's it going? What do you see?

Nicole : Literally nothing. I can't even see Casey.

Casey : I've been in here enough times, I've adjusted. Kind of like how cats and squirrels can see in the dark.

Rachel : Squirrels can't see in the dark.

Wynonna : And yet, he's the best shot we have.

Casey : Alright, follow me along the treeline then... wait. Hold on, I think I see something.

Nicole : It's a cabin.

Rachel : If Waverly went inside, maybe her brain isn't scrambled eggs after all. Maybe it keeps the fog out.

Nicole : Okay, we're-we're heading in.

Nicole & Casey : Waverly? Waverly?

Wynonna : What's going on? What's that sound?

Nicole : Oh my god, Waverly. She's tied up.

Wynonna : Well...let her loose!

Casey : Aye, aye, captain!

Nicole : Casey, wait ! No !

Wynonna : What's going on? What's going on? Is-is Waverly okay?

Nicole : There's something else in here!

Casey : Run! Nicole get out !

Wynonna : Guys?! Guys?! What's going on? Is Waverly okay? Are you okay? Haught!

Nicole : I don't know how but it's her. It's Jolene!

Wynonna : No. She's dead. I killed her.

Rachel : We have to pull them back in!

Wynonna : No! We can't leave Waverly alone with Jolene.

Rachel : Who the hell's Jolene? That's the signal. We have to.

Wynonna : Waverly's still in there!

Rachel : They could be hurt!

Wynonna : Rachel, no! Nicole! Nicole!



Nicole : It's okay! The fog spit me out... somewhere. I'm just… I'm safe, I just don't know where. It's Jolene. I don't know how Wynonna, but she's alive. And she's got Waverly.



Rachel : Wynonna? Shouldn't we start CPR or something? We can still save him.

Wynonna : His neck is broken. Waverly!



Waverly : Nicole! If you hurt them, I will f...

Jolene : You'll what? What? You'll do nothing, as usual?

Waverly : Ah!

Jolene : Demons can't hold Peacemaker, sister. Looks like you're finally embracing your dark side.

Waverly : Oh! What the hell? Ah!

Jolene : I wanted to do this the nice way - but if you insist...

Waverly : Ah! Ah! Ahh! What did you do to me?



Rachel : Casey should be buried by his home, on his land.

Wynonna : We have to leave him.

Rachel : What are you talking about? He's our friend. He died he...

Wynonna : We don't have time! Waverly is trapped with the demon who's been after her since she was born. We need to get back in there, alright?

Rachel : How? Casey was the only one who could see anything in...

Wynonna : I don't know! I will figure it out! I will figure it out. Um, I'll… I'm going in.

Rachel : Waverly's still alive. Which means this Jolene has other plans for her, right?

Wynonna : I called her a sanctimonious asshole. That's the last thing I said to her



Nicole : Waverly knows how much you love her. The one thing she couldn't endure is you getting killed to save her. We gotta go to Plan B, Wynonna.



Wynonna : We need Jeremy. He's been working on a cure for the fog. He can help us.

Rachel : Still disconnected.

Nicole : Wynonna! My radio's about to die.

Wynonna : Alright, uh, get back here as soon as you can.


Nicole : Copy that.


Wynonna : Stay here. Just make sure nobody messes with Casey's body. We'll give him a proper burial, okay? As soon as we can.


Black Badge Division

Doc : Where are you taking me?

Volkov : You're one of the lucky ones who gets a one-way ticket on the ark.

Doc : The ark?

Volkov : It's not a literal ark. Relax.

Jeremy : Doc!

Doc : Jeremy!

Jeremy : Doc! I've been trying to tell them that there's been a monster-size mix up!

Doc : Open this cell at once, those are humans! And Freddy. And this is a BBD Agent.

Volkov : He must've done something wrong if he ended up in the feed pen.

Doc : What?

Volkov : I'm just following orders.

Doc : I told you, I would remember your face.

Jeremy : No, Doc, stop! Volkov, you should be at home with Laura and your girls making sure that they get out safe. Not doing whatever this is.

Doc : If you're workin' for them, why they got you locked up in here?

Jeremy : Upper management initiated a protocol I never heard of. I-I protested so they put me in here.

Doc : You got an access card?

Jeremy : No, no. It's been deactivated.

Doc : Technology be damned.

Jeremy : No, don't!

Doc : As it seems, am I.


Wynonna : Open the damn door! Open up, I'm BBD too! Listen up! I'm Special Agent Earp. I killed a mountain of demons for you people and I need your help so open the goddamned door!

General Graham : I come in peace.

Wynonna : One bad move you go in pieces.

General Graham : Wynonna Earp. I could not have asked for a better soldier in my army.

Wynonna : Who the hell are you?

General Graham : General Graham. OTF Special Projects.

Wynonna : Upper management?

General Graham : The upper-est. It's good that you came when you did. We need to move you and the other assets to a secure facility.

Wynonna : I'm not going anywhere without my sister. Or my friends. Who, rumour has it, you have in your Barbie Dream House here.

General Graham : You can't stay behind. This facility, your town, the entire Ghost River Triangle, will be swallowed by the fog in a matter of days.

Wynonna : I'm not leaving Purgatory to get wiped out. We stay and we fight.

General Graham : There is no way to fight this. We tried to destroy the fog, and we failed. We tried to contain it. We failed.

Wynonna : I've been defending our shithole for too long, against too many powerful enemies, to lose it to magic weather, so give me Agent Chetri. I need him to fix this. BBD at least owes me that.

General Graham : I'm sad to lose my best recruit, but yes… You've earned severance pay.


Wynonna : Are you really taking me to see Jeremy or is this a "stay sexy don't get murdered" situation?

General Graham : What? I'm a man of my word. Listen, I've decommissioned an old missile silo in Montana. It will be operational in three weeks. Come with me and keep fighting. You stay, you die.

Wynonna : I am not leaving my sister.

General Graham : Even if you get her back... the only creatures that can survive the fog are the ones that are already dead and have no minds to lose.

Wynonna : You've clearly never seen Waverly tackle a Sudoku. Oh my god, guys!

Jeremy : Wy-Wynonna!

Wynonna : Doc. I'm so happy to see you!

Doc : Are you alright?

Wynonna : You?

Doc : Yeah, we are safe for the time being. Waverly was lost in the fog. It is spreading.

Wynonna : I know. That's why I'm here. I need them both.

General Graham : You get one.

Wynonna : Jeremy, I need you to come with me.

Jeremy : Okay.

General Graham : You're sure you want Agent Chetri? The vampire is fierce. Might be a better choice to save your sister.

Wynonna : I'm so sorry. For so many things. I want her.

Cleo : Say what?

Jeremy : Excuse me?

Doc : Beg your pardon?

Wynonna : I swear I'll come back for you. Please trust me. I will come back for you I just need her more.

Cleo : Thanks for the jailbreak, Earp.

Wynonna : I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry!

Jeremy : Wynonna they're gonna turn us into food!

Doc : Wynonna, do not do this!



Jolene : Oh, my sweet little sister. I tried to warn you. I tried to help you.

Waverly : Shut up, shut up.

Jolene : Hm.

Waverly : Just make it stop!

Jolene : Only you can do that. By letting it out.

Waverly : I won't.

Jolene : Become what you were always meant to be.

Waverly : I don't want to be an angel.

Jolene : No.

Waverly : I don't want to be a demon. I just want to go home!

Jolene : Shhhh.

Waverly : Ah!

Jolene : Stop denying your nature and let it out.



Rachel : We will bring you home, Casey, once Wynonna fixes all of this.

Wynonna : Rachel!

Rachel : We're here.

Wynonna : That's nice, Rachel.

Rachel : Is this what it's like for you, all the time?

Wynonna : Yeah.

Rachel : Where's Nicole? And Doc and Jeremy?

Wynonna : Let's go.


Rachel : You chose her over our friends?

Wynonna : She's the Clanton heir now, she has control of the Reapers. Once the Reapers have their mark, they don't stop. I can follow it into the fog, straight to Jolene. It's our only shot.

Cleo : I'm gonna need something from the one you want marked.

Wynonna : Casey ripped out some of Jolene's hair, in the fight. He came out clutching it.

Rachel : You sure Nicole would be on board with this?

Cleo : Oh, sure.

Wynonna : Hey. Shut up and spell.

Cleo : Now, now. I'm doing you a favour remember?

Wynonna : If you don't, I'll put one right between your eyes.

Cleo : Ooh. Better than in my back.

Rachel : Which Reaper will you send? It's not Billy, right?

Wynonna : Of course not. If Cleo tries anything, shoot her. You up for this?

Rachel : Uh-huh.

Cleo : Okay. Summoning our ancient grudge, I mark with blood those we've adjudged. Holy sh1t I did it!

Wynonna : How?

Cleo : I added a strand of your hair in there too. To bind you together, so you could see him. What? I thought it would help. Goodbye, brother. Good luck. Don't get dead. Or do. I don't really care either way. His leash.



Wynonna : Get your hands off my sister, you unholy bitch!

Waverly : Wynonna.

Wynonna : What'd she do to you? Come on, get up.

Waverly : I can't. It hurts too much. Listen, Peacemaker is here somewhere. Find it, and stop her once and for all. And then if it comes to it, stop me too.

Wynonna : Just stop talking like that. Alright, let's get out of here. Here, take this.

Waverly : You only have one mask.

Wynonna : It's okay, we'll share it. We'll figure it out. Let's go!

Jolene : Wynonna!

Waverly : Wynonna!

Jolene : Yeah. Cry. Wynonna died knowing that you hated her too much to even try! There you are, you little demon. I knew you could do it. You're so beautiful. You're more glorious than I could have ever imagined.

Waverly : You are nothing to me.

Jolene : Who made you? Now, go destroy the whole world.

Waverly : Yes. But you will not bear witness.


Black Badge Division Cell

Doc : If we cannot use our brawn, then lets use our heads.

Jeremy : Okay. Okay, okay. We know that certain demons are being executed, and others are being transported to something the guard called "the ark".

Doc : The Noah Protocol. No points for subtlety.

Jeremy : Yeah.

Freddy : If they're Noah's Arking the demons out of here, why keep the humans?

Doc : Because animals need food.

Mercedes : Knock, knock!

Doc : Mercedes?

Mercedes : As you almost live and sort of breathe! I have been hiding in those vents for hours waiting for the coast to clear. And I found this. Um?

Doc : That is, as they say, uh, my bad.

Mercedes : Jeremy, I don't suppose that hot wiring is one of your nerd talents?

Jeremy : I can try. Perfect, thank you.

Mercedes : I was at Amon's, in my dressing room, five minutes before curtain call and then flash bangs and… yeah, sorry and gun shots. BBD stormed in and I tried to tell them that I was human. I mean look at me, have you ever seen a demon with a rack like this?

All : Kate.

Mercedes : Ow!

Jeremy : Ah! Yes! It worked!

General Graham : I was hoping you'd reconsider, vampire. But I see now you're committed to the losing side.

Doc : I will not let you hurt one hair on their heads.

Jeremy : General, please. This is not what our mission is about. We-we swore to protect these people.

General Graham : You've seen the files, Agent. Maldito, Monument. We can't protect anyone. But I know now that the real tragedy of our failed missions is that we left our most valuable assets behind.

Jeremy : Demons.

Mercedes : Oh.

General Graham : I won't make the same mistake again.

Jeremy : And the humans?

General Graham : Acceptable collateral damage.

Mercedes : Put your peckers away, guys. Let me handle this. I have a friend in the State Department. A very high level custodian who cleans the offices of very important people. So if you think that you're gonna get away with an… Ugh!

General Graham : That can't happen. I'm sure you understand why.



Wynonna : Ha! Waverly?

Wynonna : Your journey is over, Wynonna Earp. And mine has just begun.

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SeySey  (28.03.2021 à 20:12)

La relation entre Doc et Wynonna est douloureuse à regarder (spectateur et autres personnages j'ai l'impression), j'espère que ça va s'arranger !

Horrible ! J'espère vraiment que les choses vont s'arranger, sinon Sey' ne sera pas contente ! 

Emilie1905  (28.03.2021 à 17:43)

Je te rejoins Sey', c'était un épisode super top !!

Zoie, Dominique, Kat même Melanie et Tim, ils étaient tous au top dans cet épisode :) J'ai beaucoup aimé cet épisode, on retrouve un peu les bases. Wynonna est dans un sacré état et ça se voit qu'elle a mal quand elle dit à Rachel que ce sentiment est présent à chaque fois qu'elle voit quelqu'un mourir :(

La relation entre Doc et Wynonna est douloureuse à regarder (spectateur et autres personnages j'ai l'impression), j'espère que ça va s'arranger !

Et la fin .... c'est quoi ça encore ?! ^^ Hâte de voir la suite (snif y a plus que 2 épisodes :((( )

SeySey  (28.03.2021 à 09:45)

Mais quel épisode !!! Le meilleur depuis longtemps !!! OMG!!!

La performance de Zoie & Dominique! Bravo, franchement !

#DarkWaverly is here :D


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