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#409 : Crazy

Wynonna et les autres se préparent pour une soirée jeu dans Purgatory, mais la nuit est gâchée par des meurtres, du chaos et des brain sandwiches.


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Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) explique les règles de la trivia night

Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) explique les règles de la trivia night

Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) et Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) discutent au Shorty's

Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell) et Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis) discutent au Shorty's

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) bouche les oreilles de Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis)

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) bouche les oreilles de Rachel Valdez (Martina Ortiz-Luis)

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) et Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell)

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) et Nicole Haught (Katherine Barrell)

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) est accoudé au bar

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) est accoudé au bar

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) devant un tableau d'indices

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) devant un tableau d'indices

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) avachie sur une chaise avec un gobelet de café

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) avachie sur une chaise avec un gobelet de café

wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) pointe son arme sur quelqu'un

wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) pointe son arme sur quelqu'un

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)


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Scénario : Matt Doyle
Réalisation : Jem Garrard


Wynonna : Really trying for high noon, Haught?

Nicole : Isn't that what you say after a night of drinking? "Hi, noon".

Wynonna : Oh… Only I make fun of my drinking. Gonna use your fiancée's nunchuks?

Nicole : My fists are my nunchuks.

Wynonna : Oh yeah?

Nicole : Oh, you dirty bitch!

Wynonna : Eighteen months to practice, all you got is older.

Nicole : Oh, no!

Waverly : Hey! Only I sweep her off her feet.

Wynonna : Ugh… Really with the schmoop right now?

Waverly : I don't know who to cheer for.

Nicole : Cheer for fitness.

Wynonna : Wrong! Cheer for me, 'cause I got Hunt for Red Haughtober off the homestead and into her place of work.

Nicole : The only work I'm doing is punching in at the… punching your face factory.

Wynonna : Hmm. You sure? Cop shop's just right over there! Across the hall.

Waverly : Yeah! Why not just… boop on over there real quick. No?

Nicole : Hmm?

Waverly : You know, just for fun!

Nicole : Et tu, Earps? You lured me here under false pretenses.

Waverly : Nicole. Purgatory needs a sheriff, and it's gotta be you. Everyone in town is saying so, right?

Nicole : Well, that's really, really gratifying 'cause they didn't vote for me so they don't get me.

Wynonna : Didn't you once say, "Everything good I have in my life is because I came back to the Ghost River Triangle"?

Nicole : Didn't you once say, "Eat a dick" to a bunch of vampires?

Wynonna : I should have said, "suck a dick".

Waverly : Look, if this is guilt over what happened with Doc...

Nicole : Whoa, wow, would you look at the time. It's whatever o'clock, and I have a wedding to plan. See you at trivia tonight.

Wynonna : Wow. That parent trap would have made Lohan puke. We barely even got a nibble.

Waverly : And there's still a lineup of people in the sheriff's office.

Wynonna : I was also not voted for.

Waverly : Come on. It's not like BBD's given you an assignment this week. The town's nice and quiet.



Freddy : Oh! Holy sh1t! The Earp heir is gonna hate this. She's gonna kill us. She's gonna kill me! Oh, noo!



Nedley : Hands off! Only active-duty police drink for free at my Shorty's.

Nicole : Well, I'm sheriff emeritus.

Nedley : Sheriff avoidus, more like it. Help me set up for trivia night.

Nicole : Okay, fine, but no more sheriff talk. Everybody keeps asking me.

Nedley : Well, you were the best… since yours truly. I filled out the slacks a little better.

Nicole : Know what I would like to talk about? Hints for tonight's trivia.

Nedley : What local deputy had the highest clearance rate in the Ghost River Triangle of the past ten years?

Nicole : It's just not for me anymore.

Nedley : You know, that sounds like a fancy way of saying you're butthurt.

Nicole : Why would I be butthurt? Wait, what have you heard?

Nedley : Nothing. Why, did you do something?

Nicole : I'm too busy, okay? I've got Rachel. She's a full-time job.

Nedley : And yet you're in the dark about what she did at her part-time job.

Nicole : Oh no. Where'd she puke?

Nedley : It's her invisible monster boyfriend downstairs.

Nicole : Damn it. She let him out.



Wynonna : Ugh! Don't tell me, community watch clocked someone mowing their lawn in the buff. What's up? This life or death, Gil?

Man : Every pharmacy is out of moisturizer.

Wynonna : Trag'. Also, come on, man.

Man : Where's Sheriff Clayborn?

Waverly : Uh...

Wynonna : Wintering on a kibbutz. Let's see, any of these complaints not read like a Yelp review?

"My neighbour put Guy Fieri ass flames on his car?" Who cares?! Oh, this one's legit. If I ask for shredded lettuce, you better believe I don't want full leaf.

Waverly : Look. These people are under a lot of stress. Supply runs have halted. Cupboards are bare. Not to mention everything else that happens around here.

Wynonna : Exactly. So much happens here, so relax! Go outside. It's above zero out there! 'Cause right now, things are fine. We offed Pumpkin-head. Amon's disappeared into the ether, we're good.

Jeremy : Ah yeah! You brought the lattes! Oh… Sorry. No, this, this isn't mine.

Waverly : Not your... cherry pie that you spilled all over your apron?

Jeremy : Not my cherry pie. But a cherry pie, which we need to investigate because whoever's making these cherry pies is still out there and they might, uh.. bake again.

Wynonna : Nice.

Man : You are terrible at codes.

Jeremy : Damn.

Wynonna : Go jerk off about it, Gil. So where is this… ... murdered pie?


Waverly : Didn't there used to be a morgue?

Wynonna : Oh yeah!

Jeremy : Yeah, the rats took it over.

Wynonna : Ah, good for them. Who's the stiff?

Jeremy : Ricky Brock. What a tragedy.

Waverly : Left a wife and little kids?

Jeremy : No. A real loner, and, by all accounts, a real jerk, but… he won Shorty's Trivia last week.

Wynonna : Oh, my god! Is that tragic?

Jeremy : No, I mean, uh… he was part of the community. Well, our community, not yours, obviously, 'cause you lost.

Wynonna : I know I was eliminated, but how was I supposed to know Tobey Maguire isn't Spider-Man anymore?

Jeremy : We all know.

Waverly : Well, on the bright side, at least it means that Ricky won't be at tonight's Trivia finals!

Jeremy : True!

Waverly : I am so sorry. That is not a bright side.

Jeremy : No.

Wynonna : Y'all brainiacs really got your priorities out of whack. Before I got knocked out, I was obsessed with trivia night too.

Jeremy : That aside, look at this.

Wynonna : Whoa! Okay, my turn to react inappropriately, but we're all seeing the vampire bite marks, right?

Waverly : Yeah.

Wynonna : If Mr. "I Don't Shoot People in the Back" still bites people in the neck, I guess I'm not so bad anymore. And even if I am, so is he.

Waverly : You don't need an excuse to go talk to Doc.

Wynonna : I don't want to talk to him. I need to talk to him about the... poor...

Jeremy : Doc couldn't have done this, right?



Man : No. No, no, no, no, no!


Glory Hole

Wynonna : It's a yes from me, dawg.

Doc : So we decoupled the caboose, but then my boys and I, we realized that the greenbacks, they're in another car...

Wynonna : I have great stories too. Mostly about killing demons. With this gun.

Doc : It's okay, you are safe. You wanna tell everyone you're not here to kill them?

Wynonna : Not everyone. Doc, I uh, need a private interrogation with your moustache. Hey. It's okay. I get it. You're a vamp. You got the hungs, that guy was num-nums. Welcome back to the moral low ground. There's a great mattress down here we could absolutely demolish.

Doc : What you're implying… is faulty. I have devised a morally sound way to satisfy my needs.

Wynonna : Morally sound? Um. You're chilling at a demon bar.

Doc : They may be demons, but even they would never...

Wynonna : Oh, shoot someone in the back? Well, how about the front?

Dallas : You alright, Doc?

Wynonna : He's fine. Hey. Weirdest thing… Some demon with fangs killed a human. Any of you have any idea who did it?

Doc : No one here has information for you. But I will keep my ear to the ground.

Dallas : From now, on I suggest you do not just pop into The Glory Hole.

Wynonna : Well, isn't that the point of a glory hole? Since when do you have minions?

Dallas : Goddamn law enforcement.

Doc : The gun does tend to go to their head.


Shorty’s – Basement

Rachel : Hey Lil' Mama. What's... shakin'?

Nicole : Right, okay. Any idea why I might've called you here?

Rachel : You so want me to be gay, don't you?

Nicole : Well, we would support you and buy you the right albums, but… nice deflection. Billy. What happened?

Rachel : You were there. Typical teen stuff.

Nicole : We should have told you he was in the basement.

Rachel : The Clantons turned him into that thing. And you said we'd fix him.

Nicole : And from now on, we're gonna talk more openly about our problems.

Rachel : Like Chicken-kicker?

Nicole : Rachel. You promised!

Rachel : I'm sorry!

Nicole : Rachel. You swore!

Rachel : Nicole, I'm sorry!

Nicole : You do not speak about that, ever. Ever, Rachel!

Rachel : I'm just… I'm just worked up. Okay, my never-BF turned into an invisible monster. For what it's worth, he seemed really weak when I let him out. Not a threat at all. But I'm still sorry.

Nicole : Hey. What are we listening to?

Rachel : A podcast about Gaga.

Nicole : What? You sure you're not even bi?

Rachel : You know, he'd forgive you too. Doc. If you just told him why.

Nicole : Hey.



Jeremy : Do not start. I know my heels aren't touching the ground.

Waverly : I was gonna mention the two stiffs.

Jeremy : Oh. Yeah. It was on me to drag in the second body. I hurt my back.

Waverly : Oh...

Jeremy : Number two here is trivia nights' latest winner.

Waverly : Niles! The butcher? Ugh! He knew all the capital cities.

Jeremy : He even got Dodoma!

Waverly : We should focus on other things.

Jeremy : Yeah.

Waverly : Like, how did this happen? Did Doc?

Jeremy : That's what I thought at first, but… look at this.

Waverly : Bite marks.

Jeremy : Well, actually...

Waverly : Those are too far apart to be teeth.

Jeremy : That means our beautiful cowboy is in the clear, but… Hey, what is going on with him and Wynonna anyway?

Waverly : Doc thinks that… since Wynonna shot Holt, she's off the chain.

Jeremy : Is she?

Waverly : Huh. Does this seem light to you?

Jeremy : Yeah. Kinda. Whoa! Waverly! There's nothing obstructing it.

Waverly : It's empty!

Jeremy : Whoa.

Waverly : No brains.

Jeremy : Try number one!

Waverly : Weirdly satisfying.

Jeremy : Yeah!

Waverly : So what, it's a brain-stealing demon? Why would they want human brains?

Jeremy : I don't know, as a souvenir, or a trophy? Or something worse.



Doug : Mmm, I can feel the facts and numbers. Mmm...

Ginny : That the last brain, then?

Doug : Not by a shot long.

Ginny : Long shot.

Doug : Is that the thing? Not by a long shot. We're gonna need more brains. A lot more brains. It's okay, I'm okay. Don't worry. Don't worry.

Ginny : Yeah, I wasn't.



Wynonna : Okay, murderinos, tell me about my least favourite murderer.

Jeremy : Okay, well, the unsub is a male, mid-thirties, early forties.

Waverly : Strong, because the victims don't have many defence wounds. He seems to have incapacitated them easily.

Wynonna : We're sure it's not a sexy vampire?

Waverly : Can confirm.

Wynonna : Right.

Jeremy : The thing is, the murders aren't the goal. The brains are actually what the demon's after.

Waverly : But… the weapon that caused these puncture marks might be painted. Yeah, there's a turquoise smudging left behind, which isn't very demonic.

Jeremy : Yeah, but the demon got the brains out without a trace of a wound, so...

Wynonna : Baby girl. It's a demon. What kind of human wants brains?

Jeremy : Yeah. Thank you, Wynonna.

Waverly : Maybe a human with a fetish. Or a compulsive obsession with intelligence. Like a lot of killers, he's probably frustrated at the way he's seen. In this case, with being seen as smart.

Jeremy : Yeah, like you. Right now.

Waverly : Save it for trivia, downward don't.

Jeremy : You save it for trivia, online degree.

Waverly : I am going to crush you!

Wynonna : Okay. Alright, so, see, see, what I think, as a smart also, my hunch about this guy is, uh, he's a mur… derer. Okay? So, so he's like a murder, he's a murder fan. Who likes to...

Waverly : I left my rubber ducky keychain at the sheriff's office. With a sign that says, "If you have an emergency, quack it".


Wynonna : Lemme guess. Your neighbour wore white after labour day.

Man : No. This is serious.

Wynonna : Oh. Then what is it?

Man : So, there's this couple, a guy and a girl. They were fighting.

Wynonna : Did he hit her?

Man : No, but, I'm sure he has. He just kept yelling at her that he owned her. Like, "I own you, I own you!" And then, he threw her into his car.

Waverly : God, that sounds awful.

Man : Well, yeah, it was.

Wynonna : Abusive relationship trumps brain man. Let's go.

Waverly : Where was it?

Man : Oh well, they drove off.

Wynonna : Did you get a plate?

Man : No, but he had, he had flames painted on the front of his car. Like really lame.

Wynonna : Nosy neighbours finally pay off. I've got the address here.

Waverly : Okay.

Wynonna : Alright, let's go.

Man : Hey… That's not all.

Jeremy : What is it?

Man : I tried to break the fight up. Told the guy to cool off.

Jeremy : Did he attack you?

Man : Oh, worse. While he was dragging the girl to the car, he turned to me and he said, "I wish you would eat sh1t".

Jeremy : Yeah, yeah that's weird phrasing.

Man : Yeah. And then I went and ate sh1t. I don't even like sh1t.



Waverly : Well, we know he has a small dick.

Wynonna : I probably dated him. Open up, it's the...

Waverly : Earp Sisters!

Doug : Uh, hi?

Wynonna : Something funny?

Doug : Yeah, I was… thinking about something funny I saw on the internet. There's a guy, said something funny and then… his friend said something funny back to him.

Waverly : Yeah, I think I saw that one.

Wynonna : Doug? Doug Warner?

Doug : Used to be my name.

Waverly : Used to?

Doug : Mmm...

Wynonna : We're coming in.

Doug : Your wish is my command. Any hail today?

Waverly : Uh, no.

Doug : Hail is not ice pellets. A lot of people confuse them but it's actually different precipitations. Just the kind of stuff you pick up. Weather facts.

Waverly : Neat.

Doug : Yeah, I got a lot of 'em. Don't get me started on sleet. You know, sleet actually goes east west. You know how rain is up down? Sleet is actually all dependent on the jet stream. It's a big stream of wind that flies through the… it's just a scam perpetrated by the post office, actually.


Waverly : Hey.

Ginny : Are you doing okay? Just battling the trolls.

Waverly : Listen. We're here to help. We can get you out.

Ginny : Yeah, no you can't, but… no big.


Wynonna : What're you eating there? What kind of sandwich is that?

Doug : Brain. Cow. Girl meat sandwich. All cows are girls. Boy cows are bulls.

Wynonna : I too graduated kindergarten.

Doug : You think I'm dumb?

Wynonna : I think you have brain on your chin.

Doug : I do? Did I get it? I used to be dumb, but I'm actually getting a lot smarter.

Wynonna : Would you say you have a… compulsive obsession with intelligence?

Doug : Ginny get in here!

Wynonna : Leave her the f*ck alone, Doug.

Doug : It's not Doug. My name is Kuru!


Ginny : Honestly this guy.

Doug : Ginny! Get here!

Wynonna : Waverly! He's our demon killer!

Waverly : You, you don't have to do this, Ginny.

Ginny : 'Scuse me.


Wynonna : Peacemaker's not glowing! So he's kinda just a dude! Human.

Doug : I am the demon Kuru.

Wynonna : He's a human.

Doug : Ginny.

Waverly : No. She's not yours, buddy.

Ginny : Just lemme go to him.

Waverly : Sweetheart, it's okay.

Ginny : What?

Wynonna : You did not just throw brain at me! Argh!

Doug : I wish her to die. I wish her to die. I wish her to die.

Ginny : Then come to me. Take my hand.

Waverly : Ow! Watch the nails, girl. Ow!

Wynonna : Why… Oh, come on!

Waverly : sh1t!

Wynonna : No way he jumped that fence.

Waverly : Hey. Listen. We're gonna get you somewhere safe, okay? Well, I'm gonna go wash this brain off my shirt, but… Wynonna will.

Ginny : Cool… Can't wait to be exactly back here in a couple hours.



Wynonna : Listen, we wanna help you. I've seen this before, you're the victim. Can you just put the phone down a sec?

Ginny : Nah, I'm good.

Wynonna : Okay. I get it. I get it. I look like a cop. Well, I'm not. I've spent several New Year's Eveses in drunk tanks. You're safe with me.

Ginny : Oh sh1t. That's the gun that kills us! You're her?

Wynonna : Damn right. Hands up.

Ginny : Girl, it's chill. Okay, I'm chill.

Wynonna : It's you. You did it, didn't you?

Ginny : Yes, but it's not me, it's his wishes!

Wynonna : Wishes?

Ginny : I'm a genie. Kuru's wish is my command. And his wishes are f*cking nuts.


Jeremy : Okay. A genie? Did Doug find a lamp or something?

Ginny : One flamboyant genie lives in a lamp, now suddenly we all live in lamps. Ugh.

Wynonna : Well, what about a trophy? We dusted a Marzaniok once.

Ginny : That's cute. No, I just needed a new master.

Wynonna : Master? Honey, no.

Ginny : Doug bumped into me at the bar, and that was it. That's how it works. And now he calls the shots.

Wynonna : Not so fast. Show her what you got.

Jeremy : Oh, yeah. Your nails. Same colour as the wounds found on the murder victims.

Wynonna : Your nails poison them.

Ginny : Yeah. But only cause he wished them to.

Wynonna : Why does he want you to kill them?

Ginny : He wants to be the smartest guy in town so he makes me kill all the smartest people in town. I mean, usually keepers...

Wynonna : Keepers? You need to stop.

Ginny : Okay, well, usually they're all like, "I want guns for hands", or like a laser dick, but not Doug.

Wynonna : Why doesn't he just wish to be the smartest guy in town?

Ginny : Because he's not smart.

Jeremy : Okay, look. He's already killed twice. Three wishes. That's all you get.

Ginny : Dude wished for infinite wishes.

Jeremy : Isn't that against genie rules?

Ginny : No. And don't be superstitious. Look. He has infinite wishes, so no matter what we talk about here, I'm still bound to keep makin' them all come true.

Wynonna : Except... you won't. Because… when you say he bumped into you at the bar and became your...

Ginny : Lord?

Wynonna : Yeah. None of the words you're using are working for me, okay? You meant literally bumped into you. 'Cause when you were at the house, you kept reaching for each other. He needs to be touching you for his wish to come true.

Ginny : Pretty much. Okay, totally much.

Jeremy : Nice.

Wynonna : Thanks. And I'm not leaving your side.

Ginny : Okay, well, I hope it works, but he is my...

Wynonna : Don't say it!

Ginny : He's mine, I'm his. Forever.

Wynonna : Did he wish to be immortal?

Ginny : No. I can't do that. Or bring back people from the dead.

Jeremy : Can you at least pretend you watched Aladdin?

Ginny : I'm stuck with brain-eater till he croaks.

Jeremy : Uh. Which reminds me, Wynonna, I need to show you something.

Ginny : Okay. Solid convo, but can I get my phone back now? I need to see if my tweet's doing numbers.


Wynonna : Are you gonna make me watch Aladdin?

Jeremy : I-I was researching obscure diseases for trivia night when I came across "Kuru", the name that Doug wants to be called. It's a condition that some cannibals get when they eat human brains. Wynonna : Like Mad Cow Disease?

Jeremy : Yes, exactly. I think that Doug ate human brain, got sick, googled it, and started calling himself by the name of that sickness.

Wynonna : Okay. Well, he's not exactly the best of us. Which is why I'm not leaving here till he's caught.

Jeremy : Yes! Great idea. You stay here. I go to trivia night.

Wynonna : No, Jeremy! We need to find a killer. There will be other trivia nights.

Jeremy : No, no, no! Tonight is the finals! It's critical.

Wynonna : Jeremy. It's your beautiful brain.

Jeremy : What?

Wynonna : Trivia night! Ginny said he wants to find the smartest people so he can eat their brains! Your brain!

Jeremy : That's nuts.

Wynonna : It is, because random trivia's obviously not an accurate way to judge intelligence otherwise I'd still be in it.

Jeremy : Well...

Wynonna : 100% coo-coo for Kuru Puffs!

Jeremy : Okay, okay. So that is why we're all so obsessed.

Wynonna : Yes. And why I'm not. Anymore.

Jeremy : It has nothing to do with you losing?

Wynonna : No. It's the wish.

Jeremy : Okay. Yeah, no. That-that makes sense in a that-makes-no-sense kinda way. Great, okay, if you are good to guard the genie, then me, Waverly, Nicole and Doc can go to trivia night

and take Kuru-Doug down.

Wynonna : Cool. It shouldn't be hard. Without his genie he'll just be a normal numpty. Okay. I'm gonna call Waverly and tell her the plan. You call Doc.

Jeremy : Okay.



Nicole : Okay, so it's a wish. And the guy will be at trivia and then we'll do a takedown?

Waverly : The way you say "takedown"… I can feel your sheriff senses tingling. You loved your job.

Nicole : Well, now I love trivia. And you. In that order. God, what an awful wish!

Waverly : Don't change the subject.

Nicole : Hey, maybe you should try club soda on your...

Waverly : Hey.

Nicole : I'd lost everything. The woman I love, my friends. Then I lost the election. To Holt. It was the last straw, so I did something.

Waverly : Is this a froggy thing again?

Nicole : Now everybody in Purgatory hates me.

Waverly : So? Everyone hates Wynonna, and she still Wynonnas. I'm sure it's fine.

Nicole : It's not.

Waverly : Look. Brain stain aside, we're so close to being happy. I never want you to blunt your ambition. It's one of the things that makes you… you.

Nicole : I got you back. That's my happy.



Ginny : He's gonna come get me.

Wynonna : Maybe you should just relax.

Ginny : Genies don't relax. Okay? I'd have to have my own needs and desires for that, rather than just fulfill wishes.

Wynonna : You killed people.

Ginny : Doug killed people. I did my job.

Wynonna : Right. Genies don't kill people. People with genies kill people.

Ginny : Facts.

Wynonna : Well, maybe don't pick an asshole next time.

Ginny : You saying I have bad taste in men?

Wynonna : I get the bad boy thing.

Ginny : Doug? Ew. No, he's just my...

Wynonna : Bah!

Ginny : Uh… he's my "wish-getting guy".

Wynonna : Thank you.

Ginny : It's not romantic. Even when they are cute, they're all Kuru in the end.

Wynonna : I'd retweet that.



Rachel : What's the capital of Tanzania?

Jeremy : Ah! Dodoma!

Waverly : I could help with those butterflies if you just told me.

Nicole : Never. Oh, my God, why am I here, why am I here? Why am I...

Waverly : You're here because we want to decide who has Purgatory's tastiest brain.

Nicole : Right, yeah.

Waverly : And so does the killer. And when he comes, we'll take him down.

Man : Wow. Chicken-kicker shows her face.

Waverly : What did you just call her?

Nedley : Alright, settle down.

Waverly : aCome on.

Nedley : Start your brain engines, folks. Take your seats.

Nicole : Nope. I am taking no seats.

Waverly : Nicole! Wait! I mean… I can't go with you, but I love you!

Nicole : Ow! Argh! Great. Kuru's wish means I literally can't leave trivia night. You've got to be kidding me. At least there's no Reaper anymore.


Nedley : Alright folks! Now, seeing as how this is sudden death, you buzz in with one wrong answer and that's all she wrote for you, you're done. You dig? Finalists?

Waverly : You made it to the end?

Doc : Oh, I don't sleep, Earp.

Jeremy : Okay, remember guys, we're here to catch a killer.

Doc : After I best you at Pop Culture 101.

Jeremy : As if, Oldie Hawn. Also, I love you.

Nedley : Question number one. This famous songstress is the youngest of siblings.

All : Celine!

Nedley : Looks like we got a fun night ahead of us. That one's a draw. Question number two.

Waverly : Turkmenistan!

Jeremy : Für Elise!

Doc : Kristy Yamaguchi!

Nedley : Correct. Next question.

Jeremy : Ah! The archangel Gabriel.

Waverly : Gah! That should've been mine! I'm the… one who read Paradise Lost.

Nedley : Next question.

Waverly : Dunkeroos!

Jeremy : Quaaludes!

Doc : Armie Hammer.

Nedley : Correct.

Waverly : Ooh! The planet Ork!

Jeremy : The Republic of Djibouti!

Doc : Justin, Joey, Chris, JC and Lance.

Nedley : Correct.

Waverly : Boron!

Jeremy : No! I'm the science guy!

Doc : Jack Ruby. Oswald, he was a patsy.

Nedley : You are correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct. Correct.

Waverly : Yes!

Nedley : Okay, here's one for the cowboys. Now known as the "dead man's hand", what combination of cards was Wild Bill Hickock holding when he was shot in the back?

Waverly : Ugh!

Nedley : Mr. Holliday.

Doc : William had himself a deuce and a seven, which is a death unto itself.

Nedley : Dead man's hand is a pair of aces and eights.

Doc : Uh, yeah, that is not what he had. I was there.

Man : Did he just say he was there?

Jeremy : Yeah, wow, you really need another mint, Bradley.

Nedley : Sorry Doc, but you're out.

Doc : This is an outrage, I must remain in this battle and prove that it is I that has the ideal brain. Wait. Why is it still just us? Where is the man that calls himself Kuru?

Jeremy : Boo! Down in front! Boo!

Waverly : Move it along.

Jeremy : You're still my favourite, boo.



Ginny : Okay, wait. So, now, he's the vampire demon leader?

Wynonna : I know, it's messed up.

Ginny : Well, I can tell you, love messed up. At least I know my keeper.

Wynonna : Hey. Stop saying that word!

Ginny : Why?

Wynonna : Because it's got horrible connotations.

Ginny : That's the reality for some of us. Both of us.

Wynonna : I still have the gun that can kill you.

Ginny : Or does it have you, honey? Okay, please. Can I just quickly just peek at my notifications? Please? Please.

Wynonna : Just don't text Doug. Ghost him till he dies.

Doug : I'm worse than a ghost.

Ginny : Ugh. Ugh... he wished he could walk through walls.

Doug : I wish Wynonna would open the cell.

Wynonna : Why aren't you at trivia night?

Doug : Back at the house, I realized… street brains.

Ginny : You mean street smarts?

Doug : Street brains are brains that I want too. That's what you have. So, you.

Ginny : Ugh.

Doug : I wish for her to say bye-bye to her brain.

Wynonna : Bye-bye, brain.



Doc : We must leave. The killer's not here which means he's heading for his genie, putting Wynonna in danger.

Jeremy : Yes, okay, yeah, you're right. You're right!

Waverly : Yeah. We have to help her.

Nedley : Alright, we've done the final calculations, and it turns out it's a dead tie between Waverly Earp and Jeremy Chetri. Come on up here for a sudden-death playoff round.

Jeremy : I am so sorry, Doc, I can't help it!

Waverly : Neither can I.

Doc : If I have to do this alone then I will!

Nedley : One question at a time, five seconds to answer.

Jeremy : Okay.

Doc : Dammit. I simply cannot miss trivia. Literally. We cannot waste another moment. One of you must lose, and posthaste.

Jeremy : Well, she's your sister!

Waverly : Uh! You're found family! You chose her. You lose.

Doc : Snap out of it!

All: We can't!

Doc : If we have no other choice.



Doug : I wish she would lie on the gurney.

Ginny : I guess I know what's next.

Doug : What's that?

Ginny : You get me to finish the job. Mm-hmm.

Doug : Fine! I wish for a knife.

Wynonna : Doug.

Doug : Kuru! I am the demon Kuru. I will be removing this brain… ... myself.



Nicole : Doc! Hey, what's going on up there?

Doc : Jeremy and Waverly are caught in a stalemate. And I believe Wynonna to be in grave danger.

Nicole : So I take it you're stuck here too?

Doc : Well, I suppose we all are until trivia ends, when one of them answers incorrectly.

Nicole : Or doesn't answer at all. We'll need a distraction. We need Chicken-kicker.


Nedley : Okay. Next question. According to Greek mythology...

Nicole : Hey. Phone. Now.

Rachel : Oh, please don't check my browser history.

Nicole : Okay, we'll talk about that later. Rachel, I need the video.

Rachel : What video?

Nicole : The video. Chicken-kicker.

Rachel : I deleted it. I respect the ban.

Nicole : No one in their right mind would delete that video.

Rachel : It's in a folder marked "Tax Stuff".

Nicole : Clever girl. Okay, I just need to find the Bluetooth.

Nedley : Waverly Earp. A tribe in Papua New Guinea is affected by this condition when eating brain.

Jeremy : Oh!

Nicole : Goodbye, self-respect.

Nicole : Hello. You losers didn't vote for me for Sheriff, but I stayed! I'm the one who stayed! And now you just wanna stuff your dumb faces while celebrating Holt?!

Nedley : Waverly, do you have an answer?

Nicole : Well, f*ck your votes, f*ck your dinner! And f*ck this chicken!

Nedley : Your chance to win the tournament.

Jeremy : Kuru! Kuru!

Nedley : Yes! Jeremy Chetri, you have the biggest, tastiest brain in Purgatory!

Jeremy : Yeah! What?

Nedley : I'm sorry, I'm sure your brain tastes terrible.

Doc : Praise be.



Wynonna : Ginny! Ginny, get Peacemaker! Help!

Ginny : I can't do sh1t.

Wynonna : Help!

Ginny : And I need a more Zen atmosphere.

Doug : I wish for her to stop screaming. You know, I don't feel so good. I wish for a bigger knife.

Ginny : Sure, that's what's stopping you.

Doug : I am Kuru! I am Kuru, and I can be strong too. I can be st...

Ginny : Okay. Just come to me and I'll take care of it.

Doug : I need street brains. I wish...

Ginny : I tried Wynonna, but it is what it is.

Wynonna : Whoa! What the hell! Ah!

Ginny : He's dead, Wynonna.

Wynonna : Were you gonna let him cut me?

Ginny : Uh, I was killing time. His cannibal brain's been rotting for weeks. It was obv he was about to kick it, so...

Wynonna : Sup, Doc. Where ya been?

Doc : You alright?

Wynonna : It's all Kuru, baby. So, who had the tastiest brain?

Ginny : So this is yours? Hey… I'm Ginny.



Waverly : A drink for the champion!

Jeremy : Oh! Hey! Do you wanna try on the hat?

Waverly : I'm good.

Jeremy : Nah, seriously, you should try it on.

Waverly : Nah.

Nicole : I don't have to sit here if you don't want me to.

Doc : And miss my opportunity to speak with the Chicken-kicker herself?

Nicole : Okay, well, anything that you want to know on chicken kicking, I will happily oblige. But I know there's something else you'd rather hear about.

Doc : You were gonna trade me to the Clantons?

Nicole : Look. There's no excuse, okay? But… I had reasons. It brought Waverly home to me.

Doc : I was a part of that too.

Nicole : I know. I will be forever grateful. Doc, I'm sorry, but I had to be sure.

Doc : What did they even want with me?

Nicole : No clue. But I knew that whatever it was, that you could handle it. And if you didn't, then we were gonna figure it out. Together. 'Cause I'd fight for you too, Doc.

Doc : I appreciate that, Sheriff Haught.

Nicole : You know you're the only one who still calls me that, right?

Doc : The badge alone does not give the authority.

Nicole : Yeah. Tell that to the people who saw me kick a chicken.

Nicole : Chicken!

Doc : Why don't you tell them?

Nicole : Hey everybody, listen up! Yeah. You getting this? Good. Show of hands here: who voted for me? Well, I don't care. I'm not embarrassed about it. We all do things we regret, right? So yeah, okay. I am Chicken-kicker.

Bradley : Yeah, ya are!

Nicole : But I'm still gonna be your sheriff. 'Cause I made a promise. I made a promise to serve and protect every single person in this town. Even those that break the law. Or slice their grilled cheese sandwich lengthwise instead of diagonally, which… I've never understood. Or don't like me… because I'm an outsider. Because I'm gay.

Bradley : I don't care that she's gay!

Nicole : Even those who literally ate feces.

Bradley : You eat sh1t one time and it's...

Nedley : It's kinda like kicking a chicken. One time. You know, folks, we've all made mistakes. And it usually happens with things we care about the most.

Bradley : We do need you, Sheriff Haught.

Nedley : Revote's unanimous. You're reinstated.

Waverly : Oh, my god. I finally get Wynonna's bad boy thing. Chicken-kicker is hot.



Ginny : Here to be my matriarch?

Wynonna : No.

Ginny : But we got him. The disease got him.

Wynonna : Did it? Or do all your... masters...

Ginny : Careful.

Wynonna : ... die like that? Diseased and full of rot.

Ginny : Doug was sick. Dude ate brain.

Wynonna : See, what I think, having a genie, all that choice, it makes them insane. And then you get to kill for them. You like it.

Ginny : Well, I was just doing what I have to do. I'm the victim. You said so yourself.

Wynonna : You may be a genie, but you are still a demon. He was just some idiot. And you'll find another one. You're too powerful a weapon. I realized it when you got Doug to wish for me to be quiet.

Ginny : I couldn't listen to you cry for help when I couldn't help you!

Wynonna : You gotta listen to the screams. You have to look the cost of this in the eye and tell it to go f*ck itself.

Ginny : Okay. You want a new choice? Have all the choices you want.

Wynonna : I've already had a curse.

Ginny : I can stop what's coming.

Wynonna : I can stop what's coming.

Ginny : I could make him love you again.

Wynonna : Hmm.

Ginny : Make Doc choke it down.

Wynonna : I get it. I'm poison too.

Ginny : With a psychotic gun for a master. We're the same.

Wynonna : The difference is that… you have a way out.

Ginny : No, you don't have to.

Wynonna : Genie. You're free.

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Emilie1905  (21.03.2021 à 17:22)

Je crois que c'est mon épisode préféré depuis la reprise !

On retrouve un format d'épisode un peu plus classique avec des démons à éliminer, un travail de recherche sur le méchant. C'était vraiment cool :) 

La vie à Purgatory reprend un peu forme, c'est vraiment plaisant. J'aime beaucoup la relation entre Nicole et Rachel. Contente également que Nicole reprenne la place qui lui est dûe.

J'espère que la relation entre Doc et Wynonna va s'améliorer, ils en souffrent tous les deux :(


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