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#406 : Holy War Part Two

L'équipe se précipite pour sauver l'un des leurs, mais ils sont gênés par des forces invisibles.


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Holy War Part Two

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Holy War Part Two

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Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) et Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson)

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley) et Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson)

Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) et Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)

Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) et Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)

Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) et Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)

Randy Nedley (Greg Lawson) et Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga)

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga) les mains dans une baignoire

Jeremy Chetri (Varun Saranga) les mains dans une baignoire

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano)

Rosita Bustillos (Tamara Duarte) est de retour

Rosita Bustillos (Tamara Duarte) est de retour

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon)

Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon)


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Scénario : Brendon Yorke
Réalisation : Ron Murphy


Nicole : Oh! Okay, that's cold. How you doing?

Nedley : Like I'm about 35 shades of grey. Is this much kink necessary to break a spell?

Jeremy : Technically it's an exorcism. So... yep. Also, who was it that cursed you again?

Nicole : The… Jeremy, you know I can't say it without barfing frogs!

Jeremy : Sorry. Just, final test… before you temporarily drown.

Nicole : Super temporarily.

Jeremy : Once the hourglass runs out, we bring you back, spell's broken, and we all go out for veggie burgers and flies... fries. Fries. Here.

Nicole : Oh, she's froggin' gorgeous.

Jeremy : Well, I picked the cutest, deadest one in the bucket.

Nicole : Let's hop to it.

Jeremy : Grab that hex and ribbit right out!

Nedley : If you guys are gonna to keep this up, would you drown me instead?

Jeremy : We wouldn't be doing this if we weren't sure it would work.

Nicole : Yeah. And if we didn't have any other options.

Jeremy : Okay. So we're gonna monitor your vitals. Leave everything to magic, nothing to chance. You ready?

Nicole : Well, I'd rather not keep barfing frogs and trying to kill my friends. So, yeah.

Jeremy : Okay. Once you're under, your consciousness should transfer to the frog. Two will become one.

Nedley : My favorite Spice Girls song. It's gotta be a good sign!

Nicole : One with the frog. Okay… Hey.

Jeremy : Hey.

Nicole : No matter what happens, don't let me come up until it's done. Okay?

Jeremy : Okay.

Nicole : And guys... Thank you.

Jeremy : Okay. Okay, okay. Her heart rate's slowing down. Okay, good. Good. Oh no. Her survival instincts are kicking in! Sorry, Nicole, either I kill you now, or you kill me later! Keep incantating! Okay. It's done.

Waverly : Jeremy! What the hell are you doing?

Jeremy : Oh no. Okay, I know how this looks, but I'm asking you to trust us. Waverly! Don't interfere!

Waverly : I'm gonna interfere with your friggin' face! What the hell did you do? Is she dead?

Jeremy : Technically… Yes! It worked! It worked!

Waverly : What? What worked?

Jeremy : Can't you see? She's in the frog!

Waverly : You put my girlfriend into a frog?

Jeremy : And you're welcome.


Clanton House

Margot : Dead? Not quite. Testing our bonds, are you? Well, it ain't that easy, Missy. What I gave, I can take. Yes. That will do. An eye for an eye, a breath for a breath, seek and destroy, and be joined in death. Waverly Earp. Onward, my boy.



Jeremy : It was her idea!

Waverly : What was?!

Jeremy : Handcuffing you to the bed, the exorcism. She knew you'd try and stop her. Look. According to the Maglu, if we can't destroy the spell-caster, then we must cleanse the one who's been cursed.

Waverly : What, by drowning her?!

Jeremy : Temporarily. Waves, as long as she stays in the frog, she's okay.

Waverly : She's not a strong swimmer.

Jeremy : Once the timer runs out, the hex will be broken, and we'll slowly revive her without risking brain damage. If you want to help, just watch the frog.

Waverly : Okay… Hi, sweetie-pie, it's me. Are you really in there?



Wynonna : Rosita?! Of all the Revenants who could have survived, it's busty, brainy, baby-stealing Ro-fucking-sita?

Rosita : So this is it. This is what? Seventy-six down, one to go. You're gonna kill me last, like you said.

Wynonna : Done.

Doc : There will be no killing. As much as I also crave the satisfaction… We need you alive.

Wynonna : It's your lucky day. Come on.

Rosita : I can't, dummies! Look, a year ago, maybe more, there was this rumble, some kind of earthquake.

Wynonna : Yeah. It was a doozy, we were all shook.

Rosita : You remember Creepy Phil?

Wynonna : The Revenant with all the boils?

Rosita : For reasons that are unimportant right now, he rounded up a posse to hunt me down.

Wynonna : Did you steal his baby too?

Rosita : I slept with his wife.

Doc : How nefarious. I for one would love to hear more.

Rosita : So, I ran to the only place that I thought I'd be safe.

Doc : This outcropping?

Rosita : Revenants said stepping on it made you feel like you were turning inside out. But I've always had a high pain tolerance. Doc, you know that. Anyway, I ran here, with Phil and his posse right on my tail, and the rumbling got louder, and then all of the Revenants… poofed, one by one.

Wynonna : Leaving you with boil-faced Phil on inside-out-Island.

Rosita : Yeah. Except something changed. We couldn't feel the pain anymore. And then Phil got handsy, so… I kicked the bastard in the throat, he fell off the rock, and poof, disappeared with the rest of them.

Wynonna : Yeah, he did! Forget Phil.

Rosita : Look, it doesn't take a genius, although I actually am one, to figure out if he poofed, then so would I. Look, it's been great catching up, but I can't leave this island.

Doc : Now what? Tie her up and hope she doesn't spontaneously combust?

Wynonna : I don't need to know what you two got up to in the sack. Look.

Doc : Ammolite.

Wynonna : Revenant Kryptonite. This rock formation hurt Revenants before the curse was broken. So now, it must protect them. If there's more, we can get… Rosita off the island. The tribe has spoken.

Doc : Tribe?

Wynonna : Just find more rainbow rocks before I change my mind and break her silky smooth neck.


Clanton House

Rachel : Pick up, pick up, pick up!

Waverly : Hi, this is Waverly! Leave a message, and I'll ring-a-ding you right back!

Rachel : Oh shit... Ahh!

Holt : Look what I got here. The little Earp lover. Poking her nose where it don't belong. Who sent you?

Rachel : Get bent.

Holt : Was it Holliday?

Rachel : It was nobody! Let me go!

Holt : Sorry, Miss, no can do. You brought this on yourself.

Rachel : What are you going to do? I need to make a call! Stop it!



Jeremy : Okay, her temperature is stable. Her heartbeat's been stopped for almost five minutes. Waverly? How much more time?

Waverly : I don't know, forever?

Jeremy : Next time, I'll get quicksand.

Waverly : Wait! Okay! It's done. It's done! What, is the spell broken? Is she free?

Jeremy : We won't know until she wakes up. You can that stop now.

Nedley : Oh. Thank Christ.

Jeremy : And start the reversal incantation.

Nedley : Reversal?

Jeremy : Yeah, we have to get her out of the frog, and back into her body.

Nedley : Can I at least get a... Oh. Thank you.

Waverly : Please guys, hurry! What are you waiting for!?

Jeremy : She's definitely gonna punch me.

Waverly : Jeremy!

Nedley : No! Don't use those on her!

Waverly : Why not?

Jeremy : Of course, because of the water!

Nedley : You can't paddle a flat-liner, Dr. Dingus!

Jeremy : Well okay, then what do I do?

Nedley : What was that?

Jeremy : I don't know. The wind? Waverly?

Waverly : I've been marked. Billy! You're a Reaper now? What do you want?

Jeremy : I don't know. To bring back Nicole's vitals!

Waverly : Not you! The Reaper!

Jeremy : What the hell are you doing?

Waverly : Can't you see it? Oh, the fudging Clantons! I've been marked !

Nedley : Oh, guys? It... She got out.

Waverly : No, please!

Jeremy : No, no, no, no! Nicole?!

Nicole! Whatever happens, stay in that frog! Please! Okay! Oh, hey, hi, Nicole! Oh, you're so cute. Okay. No, no. Okay, I got you, Nicole. Oh! Argh! Nicole! Come back here!

Waverly : Please, please! No! No! Holy shit!

Jeremy : Did you stop it?

Waverly : Maybe?

Nicole : No, baby. I did.



Wynonna : That's it?

Doc : There isn't much. Ammolite is a rarity.

Wynonna : How are we gonna get her all the way back to the sanctuary?

Doc : Back stone moves to front. Repeat.

Wynonna : Alright. Rosita? Follow the path. The ammolite will keep you safe.

Rosita : Yeah. From searing agony, or you?

Wynonna : The rumbling you heard was Bulshar ending the curse, alright? There's no Earp vs. Revenant thing anymore. We're good. We don't need to fight.

Rosita : It was your baby too.

Doc : I suppose you did what you did to survive. And I forgive you.

Wynonna : Totes. Water under the bridge.

Rosita : Yeah, mega convincing. I can smell the grudge on you like stale beer and Bubba Kush.

Wynonna : That's actually the smell of my house almost burning down.

Rosita : Pinky swear you won't hurt me.

Wynonna : How old are you?

Rosita : Pinky swear!

Wynonna : Oh, my God. We hereby pinky swear that we'll not harm a hair on your head.

Rosita : Or anywhere else on my body. The devil's in the details!

Wynonna : Alright, whatever. Come on.

Rosita : Okay. Oh, my God. I did it! And I don't feel anything. Oh, thank you! Oh! Whoa!

Wynonna : God, I forgot how good you smell.

Rosita : Thanks.

Wynonna : Wait, careful! Can't have you poofing out on us.

Rosita : Okay. What is that?

Doc : The Celtic Sisters knot has appeared once more.

Wynonna : It's a shortcut. You coming?

Doc : To be among a plethora of women scorned? Doubt I'd be welcome, long as I got Richard and The Twins.

Wynonna : Alright. On three we step through.

Rosita : Wait, what, women scorned?

Wynonna : And three!

Doc : Sheriff Clayborn? To what do I owe the pleasure?



Waverly : Okay, so we have to figure out which frog she's in.

Nicole : Can we talk about this outfit?

Jeremy : This would be so much easier if frogs had hair.

Waverly : Come on, baby, just give me a sign!

Nicole : I'm trying.

Jeremy : A few more minutes, and she's gonna have permanent brain damage. Much more, and it'll be too late.

Waverly : Okay, well… Should I kiss them?

Nedley : Worth a shot.

Nicole : Uh, no! No, it is not! I am not in the frog!

Waverly : Okay, come here, little princess. Just keep your tongue to yourself, okay? Okay. Did it.

Jeremy : Yeah.

Waverly : Think she liked it?

Jeremy : Yeah, definitely.

Nicole : Ah. So gross.


Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman

Wynonna : Alright, Sister Granny Panties! Here she be.

Medea : A woman scorned. My, you've done well, Wynonna Earp.

Wynonna : Well, you want worthy, you come to the best. She's all yours. Hand over Peacemaker.

Rosita : What the hell?! You're trading me?

Wynonna : It's better than killing you. Forgiveness? Well now look who's carrying a grudge. My gun?

Rosita : What are they gonna do with me?

Wynonna : I didn't ask. I just need to save my friend.

Rosita : There was a time I thought you and I were friends.

Wynonna : Rosita, it's just survival.

Rosita : Why does it always involve women betraying women?

Medea : Just as I had hoped. There is something between you. Something delicious. The derision. The disdain. It would be a shame to waste it.

Wynonna : Lady, if shame's what you're after, I've got three seasons of Flavor of Love on DVD, okay? I don't give a rat's ass about Rosita, I just want my gun.

Medea : And you shall have it. And a step closer to salvation. If you live.

Wynonna : What?

Rosita : What?

Medea : Battle to the death!

Wynonna : Okay, alright. Listen. Sure we've had our ishes, but there's no way we're gonna… Ahh! What happened to women betraying women?

Rosita : I saw an opening, I jumped on it!

Wynonna : I'll say, you're like a sexy spider monkey!

Rosita : You lied!

Wynonna : I promised not to hurt you. So help me God! I'm trying to keep my word!

Medea : Enough talk! Give in to what you desire. Fight!

Wynonna : You know what? Fuck it! If I have to go through you to get Peacemaker, I will.

Rosita : I've fended off death for 140 years. I'm great at not dying.

Wynonna : Then remove those tacky-ass hoops.

Rosita : Oh yeah? Bring it.

Wynonna : Bitch, I have a lifetime of settling arguments with my fists and level three BBD hand-to-hand combat.

Rosita : And I got a big ole boot.

Wynonna : Son of a bitch!



Jeremy : Well?

Waverly : Nope. I'm not feelin' it.

Jeremy : That was the last one.

Waverly : I can't believe she's not trying to give us a sign. There's never a damn pottery wheel when you need one!

Nicole : Ugh! I am! I just don't know the rules of Ghost! Um… Okay, what if… Okay.

Jeremy : Oh, man. Now what is with this light? Oh, God, I'm gonna have a seizure.

Nedley : That's a pattern. That could be a code.

Waverly : You're right! Morse code!

Nicole : Yes! Baby, you never cease to surprise me.

Waverly : Okay. Uh... N. N... O... T. Not. I… N… F... R… O... G.

Jeremy : No, no, that's a B. Not in frob?

Nicole : Ugh! Close enough! Close enough!

Jeremy : Okay, geez! She's not in the frog.

Waverly : But she is still here, right? Somewhere.

Jeremy : Astral-projection. People say it can occur near death.

Nedley : Happened to me, my third heart attack. Found my remote on top of the fridge.

Waverly : Okay. Nicole, we can hear you! What do we do? B... A… S... E… M... E...

Jeremy : Basement. Basement.

Waverly : Yeah. She wants us to go down there.

Jeremy : W-With the Reaper? But that's insane! Nicole, is that what you're saying?

Waverly : D... U... H.

Nedley : Well, that's her, alright.

Jeremy : Okay.

Nedley : So you're gonna chat with Nicole, through a creeper?

Waverly : Reaper. Someone in this room made it their bitch, and then tossed it down the stairs, and I think that someone was a ginger goddess. Besides, anyone got a better idea?

Jeremy : Okay. I'll have to lower her body temp to buy some time. Like a frog hibernating in winter. Slowing down bodily functions to prevent cell deterioration.

Waverly : Great.

Jeremy : But, if we lose the body, I don't know what happens to the spirit.

Nedley : Ready?

Waverly : Yep.

Jeremy : Good luck.

Waverly : Come on.

Nedley : I have no fucking clue what's happening here, but when in doubt...


Waverly : Nice Reaper.

Nicole : Billy, what did they do to you?

Billy : Gave me the might of a thousand ancestors.

Waverly : Nicole? Are you... Are you in the Reaper?

Nicole : Tell her why I did it. Tell her why I made the deal with the witch!

Waverly : Yes, tell me.

Billy : You will now die!

Nedley : I've got him dead-to-rights! Maybe.

Waverly : No! Don't shoot! It's Nicole now!

Nedley : I thought she was a goddamn frog!

Waverly : She is a frog, and dead! And also a Reaper. Stay with the plot, Nedley! Nicole, you are gonna tell me everything. Because if I you don't, the love of my life might die, and I'll get very angry, and I don't even know what might happen if I get very angry. Got it?


Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman

Medea : To the death! Or you'll never see your little toy again!

Wynonna : You know what? If you had your own little toy, maybe you wouldn't be so uptight! Can you believe this shit?

Rosita : You're all out of tricks, Earp.

Wynonna : Not quite.

Rosita : Ahh!

Wynonna : Oh! Thank you, Dolls. Why are you playing the old hag's game?

Rosita : I am a survivor.

Wynonna : Last words that'll look super ironic on your tombstone.

Rosita : The more you choke, the harder I get.

Wynonna : Okay, boner.

Medea : Finish her!

Rosita : Demon nun. Of course.

Wynonna : Ugh… Listen.

Rosita : Yeah?

Wynonna : We don't find my gun, we're both dead.

Rosita : Okay.

Wynonna : Is that a Hemsworth in biking shorts?

Rosita : A Xena reboot!

Wynonna : That's nice!

Medea : After them!



Billy : She's ours. We have her soul. She made a covenant. A life for a life.

Waverly : W-Why would she… Why would you make a deal with the friggin' Clantons?

Nicole : I didn't know it was them, okay? I waited 18 months. I was desperate. I should have believed that you'd find a way home. I'm sorry.

Billy : You will eat your own.

Waverly : And I'm about to make you eat baseball bat! So how do we break the covenant?

Billy : Impossible! The Swamp Witch has bound her. The covenant only ends when both actors die.

Waverly : One down, one to go. I will fix this, Nicole.

Nicole : No. Baby, stop.

Billy : We are many.

Waverly : I'll take my chances, thanks.

Nicole : How many?


Waverly : Do not let that thing out. Gonna need Annabelle.

Jeremy : What? Where are you going?

Waverly : To have a little chat with the Swamp Witch.

Nedley : This ain't no talking stick. I'm coming with you.

Waverly : Randy, there's a Reaper in the basement, and my girlfriend is being shocked like French beans.

Nedley : Margo-Jean's son is the Sheriff. There are still laws.

Jeremy : Well, if Mam Clanton put the spell on her, it might be the only way.

Waverly : Nicole? You saved my life. Now it's my turn.

Jeremy : Okay, so as soon as Wynonna gets back with Peacemaker we...

Waverly : We don't have time! Your plan didn't work!

Nedley : Nicole wouldn't want it this way.

Waverly : If I don't end Mam Clanton, there might not be a Nicole to want anything. Keep her alive. For as long as you can.


Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman

Wynonna : You'll be safe in here.

Rosita : Yeah, sure. Which one of these pointy-shooty things are you gonna kill me with?

Wynonna : Depends. You gotten enough off your ample, perfect chest?

Rosita : Guess we can call a truce.

Wynonna : Good. 'Cause I am sick and goddamn tired of being told who to kill. It's bad enough I have the Clantons halfway up my hoop, I don't need beef with you too.

Rosita : Clantons?

Wynonna : Grab something. And keep an eye out for a big-ass Buntline.


Police station

Cleo : She is lying. Gen Z knows more than she says, we cannot let her live!

Holt : Just stay out of it, Cleo.

Cleo : Holt, we...

Holt : Mr. Holliday! Come on in. Well, go figure. Someone does care about you.

Rachel : You owe me five bucks.

Doc : Take it out of whatever it's gonna cost me to bail you out.

Holt : I'm not interested in your money.

Doc : Well then, what do you propose?

Rachel : Ooh! Dance-off. Let's do this.

Holt : You can have this back. Now go out there and stare at it for a while. I wanted to talk to you, man to man. I've been thinking about what you said. The blood we shed damns us all. I'm tired, Holliday. I'm tired of this fight. Having a beef with enemies, people that I barely even know, because my ancestors lost an unfair shootout.

Doc : No disrespect, but your ancestors were drunken assholes.

Holt : As were your friends, and...

Doc : I was their Asshole King. But people can change.

Holt : I believe that. I got a job now. Where I can do some real good. And... there's a woman who works at the diner. And I would love nothing more than to be able to invite her out to dinner at Shorty's. And not have to worry about an Earp shooting me in the back.

Doc : So… We set enmity aside for the sake of those that bear our name, present and future?

Holt : Not the past?

Doc : I am damn near 170 years old, Sheriff. The past is but a burden. What's done is done. And as for Rachel?

Holt : Well, she made Billy happy. He was a… He is a good kid. He's never been poisoned by the Clanton hate.

Doc : I believe it was the Bard that wrote about two love-struck kids subverting a family vendetta. Let us hope it's not too late to give their story a happier ending.

Holt : I will bring our proposition to Margo-Jean, if you bring it to the Earps. Thank you, Doc Holliday. That still sounds weird.

Doc : Well, let this be the beginning of a new chronicle… Our own.


Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman

Wynonna : No magic gun? Sword?

Rosita : Hmm. No. No ammo either.

Wynonna : Overcompensating battle axe it is. The falsetto fuck is that noise?

Rosita : It's a requiem. A mass for the dead.

Wynonna : Of whom I'm glad you're not one? Oh, grammar. You surviving makes me feel decent. I don't play well with the other gals, but we could've hung out. Well, up until you...

Rosita : Look, if the Earp Curse is done, Wynonna, then why do you still need Peacemaker?

Wynonna : Because my work isn't done.

Nun : Open the door!

Wynonna : And neither is yours! With your holier-than-thou attitude, deciding who gets to wield your rusty ass! You think I'm not worthy? Judgy tool! You're the one hiding like a little bitch!

Rosita : Wynonna! They're coming!

Wynonna : The curse may be over, but you know what? Our enemies won't stop coming just because we want them to! And I know you want what I want! To keep kicking evil ass. Enough bullshit! I do what needs to be done because I'm a hero! You know what, yeah, sometimes... that makes me a killer.

Medea : If you won't fight, you're both going to die!

Wynonna : Holy fuck. Come to Mamma. Hey, sexy. Missed you too.

Medea : I am Medea. Granddaughter of Helios. Trifle with a woman scorned at your own peril. Man-made weapons? We keep them here so you fools won't harm yourself.

Wynonna : You wanna tell her?

Rosita : Nah.

Wynonna : Make your peace. Fool. That felt good.

Rosita : Wynonna… Maybe we should have thought this one through.

Nun : You have freed us. We are at your service.

Wynonna : Okay.



Rachel : The Clantons are the dimwits of the Earp legend, right? Do you really think Sheriff Creepy-Uncle-Vibe is going to get Crazy Witch to just forgive and forget?

Doc : These matters are best left to adults, not youngins that've recently been heartbroken by a certain young swain.

Rachel : Swain? Doc, I think they killed Billy!

Doc : Killed him? Their own kin?

Rachel : I went to go find him, but all I saw was his psycho mom dripping blood on rocks, and

talking shit about Waverly.

Doc : Where is she?

Rachel : She ain't answering my calls. Now where are we going?

Doc : You are going home. I am going to play consigliere.

Rachel : Is there a single Old around here that can answer a simple question?


Sanctuary of the Scorned Woman

Nun : You have broken Medea's hold over us! We are eternally thankful! Glad to be of help. Will you lead us? Will you show us how to become cleansed?

Wynonna : Hells no. Sister fact: nobody here is more tainted than this guy. Okay? Max taint all over this. And I'm fine with that. You guys, you're liberated. Go. Taint yourselves. Taint.

Nun : We can't go. Not without the pain.

Rosita : Joanne? Is that you? And Alma?

Wynonna : You know these wenches?

Rosita : Yeah. Some of them. From a long time ago. Victims of Wyatt Earp.

Wynonna : Huh. America's most beloved executioner. He was such a dick. How did he... ?

Rosita : Collateral damage. Wrong place, wrong time. Cursed once, but protected here, it seems.

Wynonna : I'll get you out. All of you. Okay, there's gotta be a way to set you free.

Rosita : Dude, we all don't have to be like you to be free. This place is an upgrade on a rock. Plus… They seem nice.

Wynonna : Oh… Yes, they do. Alright, well if it makes you happy, you do you. And you, and you, and you.

Rosita : Thanks for saving my ass.

Wynonna : Well, be a shame not to.

Rosita : Oh, wait. I need to tell you something. Do you know why I tried to steal Alice?

Wynonna : Insurance against being Peacemakered to hell?

Rosita : And I… had a buyer for your baby. Margo-Jean Clanton. Just… I thought you should know.

Wynonna : I gotta go.

Rosita : Uh… We don't have to hug.



Wynonna : What's the tea?

Jeremy : Uh...

Wynonna : Oh, good. A rock with a C on it. Who's been marked?

Jeremy : Waverly. She's on her way to Magpie Ranch right now.

Nedley : With a shotgun.

Wynonna : Then so are we.


Clanton House

Waverly : God, what a dump. OCD kicking in. Fight it, Waves.

Margot : You're not my Amazon delivery.

Waverly : You frogged my girlfriend. I'll give you one chance to fix it before I give you a buckshot face lift.

Margot : Sweetie, I can't fix it. That's not how a vendetta works. We're Capulets and Montagues. Hatfields and McCoys.

Waverly : Earps and Clantons.

Margot : You should thank me. How do you think you knew what door to take out of the Garden?

Waverly : Gumption?

Margot : Oh, that girl begged me, so… I showed John Henry the way. A blood feud can create a powerful bond, even in between spiritual planes. Oh, but she was feeble. "Oh, please! Help bring my angel back, I'll do anything!"

Waverly : What did she do?

Margot : She made a deal. Doc comes back, with you in tow, and Ms. Haught delivers him to me.

Waverly : Doc? What the hell do you want with him?

Margot : He took everything from us. At the O.K. Corral. But I will ruin him, his name, his reputation. I will make him destroy everything he loves.

Waverly : You basic bitch! Who gives a flippin' fudge about the O.K. Corral anymore?! If you don't release Nicole, she'll die!

Margot : You're young. You'll find someone else.

Waverly : I'd rather die.

Margot : Then you'll be together. My ancestors will devour her. I have powers you cannot comprehend!

Waverly : Same, same, bitch. What did I do?



Jeremy : Holy crap. Nicole? Blink once if you can hear me.

Nicole : Why blink when I can talk?

Jeremy : Oh!

Nedley : King of the Incantations!

Nicole : It was the Swamp Witch. Jeremy, I'm so sorry.

Jeremy : No, no, no, no. At least you're not barfing up a pond full of frogs! You go, girl! Okay, we need to warm her up slowly to prevent cardiac arrest. Get some blankets. I am so glad that you didn't croak.

Nicole : Yeah, but I frogged up... bad.

Jeremy : Hey. It's just what happens when we're not all together. Now… Come here. Oh! Oh!


Clanton House

Waverly : Wynonna.

Wynonna : Waves? What happened, baby girl?

Waverly : I think I goofed real bad.

Wynonna : Oh, I just heard from Jeremy. Whatever you did, it saved Nicole from frog-barf-o-rama!

Waverly : She's okay? Oh, my God, it worked.

Wynonna : More good news.

Waverly : Peacemaker?! How? What?

Wynonna : Long story. We have had ourselves a day.

Holt : Hey! Don't you fucking move! You murdered my mother?! Why? Why?!

Waverly : I don't... I don't know. I'm sorry.

Holt : We had one chance to end this, Earp. One goddamn chance. And now there's nothing you can do to right the wrongs of the O.K. Corral.

Wynonna : Oh, my God, get over it! Your sicko witch mom had it coming.

Holt : You make your peace, Earp.

Doc : Lower your weapons! Stand down!

Wynonna : Go ahead and off this son of a bitch, Doc.

Holt : It's too late, Holliday. It's too late.

Doc : It is never too late… to bury a grudge.

Wynonna : Doc.

Holt : I'm the Clanton heir now.

Wynonna : Ex-squeeze me? That's kind of an exclusive title.

Holt : I got no choice.

Doc : The one thing… I have learned from Wynonna, is there is always… another way to confront a problem. Whatever you may be up against, we can work this out for the good of our kin. Together. Like we agreed.

Wynonna & Waverly : You agreed?

Holt : Billy's gone. Mam turned him. He didn't deserve it.

Doc : A lot of innocents have fallen victim to this feud. And your family has borne more than its share of the burden. Let us get a drink.

Wynonna : Thanks for distracting him.



Doc : How is she?

Wynonna : Not so hot, but… Alive and gargling buckets of mouthwash.

Doc : What you did, Wynonna… It was so wrong. I believed in Holt.

Wynonna : So did I. He was right, they never would've stopped coming for us.

Doc : There ain't a lick of honor in shooting a man in the back.

Wynonna : My whole life… demons, townspeople, enemies, have tormented me and my family, okay? I have had to kill again and again, just to live another day, Doc. Do you think I give a shit about honor?

Doc : You have had to do those things because of Wyatt Earp.

Wynonna : Yeah. You were his best friend!

Doc : I was.

Wynonna : I think you're just pissed 'cause he told the truth about you in that video.

Doc : You think that was the truth about me? Maybe.

Wynonna : Do you want me just to say it, Henry? I like you because you're not perfect. You're all busted up inside, like me.

Doc : I do not want to be, anymore.

Wynonna : Must be nice to have a choice.

Doc : You have a choice, Wynonna! Did you ever wonder why the Clantons never turned Revenant? It's because, yes, I had to clean up Wyatt Earp's mess when he shot and he ran. At the O.K. Corral? I killed them.

Wynonna : Doc. I never run. And I never will.

Doc : I guess you and that gun deserve each other.

Wynonna : It was the Clantons who wanted Alice.

Waverly : Are you coming in?

Wynonna : Yeah.

Doc : I'm not much in the mood, darlin'.

Waverly : Please. I'd like you both to be here.


Nedley : To our first and hopefully last exorcism!

Jeremy : Yes! Oh, God. Hey! I told you! Never leave the frog.

Nicole : Okay, I will add it to my ever-growing list of apologies.

Waverly : Fun new rule: from now on, nobody brings themselves to the brink of death to fix a silly mistake.

Rachel : Oh, I'll drink to that.

Jeremy : Uh, no you won't.

Wynonna : Okay...

Jeremy : No. Nikki-Nikki-Nine-Door?

Nicole : Oh, God, no. I am recovering from severe hypothermia.

Jeremy : Yes, doctor's orders. Okay, I'll take one for you.

Waverly : Are you two okay?

Wynonna : We're the same.

Jeremy : Ugh! Hey, Nic-averly! Are you two young, sexy smoke shows getting married, or what?

Rachel : Dude.

Waverly : Jeremy!

Jeremy : Ugh, what?! What have you been doing all this time? Okay, I mean, I get it, I get it, you know, in the Garden for 18 months, defeating a shape shifter, protecting the homestead, a lot of lonely trapping, um… Yeah, never mind, I'll shut up now.

Nicole : Actually, I did...

Waverly : Well actually, I did have...

Waverly & Nicole: ... planned.

Waverly : You did?

Nicole : Me too.

Waverly Earp...

Waverly : Please. Let me. Nicole Haught. Will you marry me?

Nicole : Yes. Yes. Yes, I'll marry you.

Jeremy : Ah! Yes! Yes! Girls!

Nedley : Finally.

Waverly : Yay.

Jeremy : We win! I'm in the wedding party. I hope. I don't wanna presume. Ahh!

Waverly : I love you.

Nicole : I love you too.

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