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#201 : La prison de Black Rock

Wynonna arrive à la rescousse pour aider Dolls dans une mauvaise situation, alors qu'une alliée inattendue lui prête main-forte.


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Titre VO
Steel Bars and Stone Walls

Titre VF
La prison de Black Rock

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Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley)

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley)

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) ouvre une porte le plus discrètement possible

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) ouvre une porte le plus discrètement possible

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) dans les bois

Waverly Earp (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) dans les bois

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) courent dans la forêt

Wynonna Earp (Melanie Scrofano) et Doc Holliday (Tim Rozon) courent dans la forêt


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Scénario : Emily Andras
Réalisation : Brett Sullivan


Waverly : Run! Doc, quick! Shit!

Doc : You made it awful peevish!

Waverly : It was plenty peevish and headed for your back when I shot it!

Doc : Waverly! My hat! He's eating my hat!

Waverly : Yeah, 'cause that's the takeaway here. Move! Doc !

Wynonna : We haven't formally met. I'm Wynonna. Wynonna Earp.

Waverly : You said you were ready for anything.

Wynonna : Juan Carlo was right. More than just revenants flooding the Ghost River Triangle now.

Waverly : Wait, what's a Juan Carlo?

Doc : And what, pray tell, is that?

Waverly : Dead.

Doc : What are we supposed to do with it?

Wynonna : Simple. We use it to rescue Dolls.



Dolls : Yes, sir, but a full-scale assault at this juncture will not be prudent and will only draw more attention to the situation in Purgatory, not to mention the slaughter of thousands. Yes, sir. Thank you, sir. Moody... sir. Your missile strike has been called off.

Lucado : And my demon?

Dolls : Dispatched.

Lucado : Wynonna goddamn Earp.

Dolls : Yeah, Earp has always been hard to contain.

Lucado : Speaking of containment, your transfer to Black Rock prison is set for 0600 hours. Get him out of here.


Police Department

Woman : You're saying Wynonna Earp was Robert Bobo Swain's jilted lover and he poisoned the entire town?

Nedley : To get her attention. See, Wynonna's not a flowers and chocolate kind of a girl.

Woman : D'you anticipate charging Earp as an accessory after the fact?

Nedley : We're weighing the evidence, considering our options. Thanks, Pam.

Wynonna : So no parade down main street in my honour then? I'd settle for a smoothie and one sad stripper.

Nedley : Look, the town needed a plausible, non-supernatural explanation for what happened. And they already hate you, so.

Wynonna : They really do.

Nedley : Earp, you may be the hero that Purgatory deserves… You're just not the one it needs right now.

Wynonna : Big Batman fan, huh?

Nedley : Hell no. When that franchise lost Uma Thurman, they lost Randy Nedley for good.

Wynonna : You truly are a monster.

Nedley : Well… I'm a monster who knows what you sacrificed to save this town. Don't get all emotional on me...

Wynonna : No, Nedley, it's… It's that smell.

Nedley : Oh yeah, they found a dead possum in the vents.

Wynonna : They who?


Man : Hang on. Wait right there.

Wynonna : Right.

Nedley : Black Badge showed up with the antidote, then they stayed to clean everything out.

Wynonna : They've got all of Dolls' shit?

Nedley : Well, I kept his mug. Deputy Marshall Dolls was too smart and too stubborn to keep anything truly important here anyway. Where did he sleep?

Wynonna : Good question.



Wynonna : I don't know, Waves. This is the fourth motel room I've checked. Bingo. Found his shit. I'll grab what I can, meet you back at the Homestead. Wow. Neat freak in the streets, chaos in the sheets. Who would've guessed? What the portable travel lab… cross-dressing hell? Real slow. Or I call the cops. Also I am the cops. I mean, kind of. I mean, technically I'm… Ah! Son of a Charlie horse! Joke's on you, bitch. Gun only works for me. And I grew up with two sisters...

Eliza : Four brothers. Here comes the boom. What the hell are you doing in my hotel room?

Wynonna : Your hotel room? Like, you and Dolls'...?

Eliza : You know X?

Wynonna : X like in Xavier? Uh, yeah, he's my… I'm his... Wynonna.

Eliza : What?

Wynonna : Wynonna Earp, though?

Eliza : Weird. He never mentioned you.

Wynonna : Okay, well… You have amazing taste in underwear.



Waverly : My poor, brave baby.

Nicole : We sure do a lot of patching each other up these days.

Waverly : Yeah, when there are so many other things that we should be doing. Ah! Sorry.

Nicole : Still tender. Hey, Waves...

Waverly : What?

Nicole : You taste… different.

Doc : Ahem! I'm just here for the sweet tea, in the kitchen. I am now in the kitchen...

Waverly : When did you become such a prude, huh? Didn't you own a brothel?

Doc : It was a bordello, and it is called being a gentleman.

Nicole : Well, I appreciate it, Henry. I'm gonna go. Feed the cat. I'll see you later.

Waverly : Okay.

Doc : Officer Haught. She's a lovely girl.

Waverly : Yeah, which makes me the luckiest.

Doc : What about the rest of it? How are you holding up?

Waverly : You know, I don't think Wynonna's even sat down since… I'm worried about her.

Doc : As am I. But I was asking more particularly about yourself, Waverly. Willa was your sister too.

Waverly : I feel fine. Yeah. Actually, I… I feel strong.

Doc : Well, good. That's good. And we both know Wynonna can handle herself.



Wynonna : Hurts like a mother.

Eliza : Woman, it's just a bruise.

Wynonna : I know. So how long have you been, uh... staying here with Dolls? Was it with or...?

Eliza : Few weeks.

Wynonna : Weeks?

Eliza : You can't be Black Badge. You couldn't sneak up on a corpse. And your holds are atrocious.

Wynonna : I'll have you know I'm kind of a big deal around here. I'm the Earp heir. Destined to fight Wyatt's revenant demons. End a curse?

Eliza : I took you out with a lamp.

Wynonna : Yes, and it was awesome. But you know what, it doesn't matter, because they took him. Black Badge. Said they're taking him to prison.

Eliza : Shit. Why?

Wynonna : Because he defied their orders. To help me.

Eliza : Xavier told me that if he was ever gone or didn't check in for 24 hours I should burn his files.

Wynonna : Did you?

Eliza : What am I, stupid? Besides, disgraced Black Badge agents don't go to prison. They go to Black Rock. Dark ops, middle of the Baltic Sea, average life expectancy once you get there is like two months.

Wynonna : I'm not giving up on him.

Eliza : Then you're gonna need me. They won't transfer him right away. Any safe house they store him in… I have clearance to get us inside.

Wynonna : And I have a team. Look, Eliza, if you care about Dolls...

Eliza : I do.

Wynonna : Well, that makes two of us.

Eliza : I'm in.

Wynonna : Thank you.

Eliza : But you should prepare yourself. Not only is there a high chance of us getting dead, but Dolls might already be. Or worse. What's worse than dead?



Wynonna : All the files from Dolls' motel room and nothing on where they might have taken him. The location of Black Badge satellite offices are kept secret, even from one another. Makes it way harder to track their movements, activities.

Waverly : Paranoid much?

Eliza : And with good reason. Black Badge is so far off the government grid they're sub-Atlantis. If you only knew the stuff they were into...

Doc : I do not believe we have met.

Wynonna : Yeah, Okay, this is Eliza, she is a friend of Dolls'.

Waverly : Dolls has a friend? Oh, a "friend".

Doc : Mercy me, how complicated.

Wynonna : Yeah, Okay, so this is my sister Waverly and her...

Waverly : Girlfriend.

Wynonna : Nicole Haught. And that's...

Doc : John Henry. But you can just call me Doc.

Eliza : As in Doc Holliday?

Doc : Well now, that would be ridiculous.

Wynonna : Okay, so how do we spring Dolls? Well, Eliza, Doc and I need to find the latest coordinates from the local BBD safe house.

Eliza : I can use my credentials, but here's the thing: There are no guns allowed on site. Not even their own security carries them. It's just plastic cattle prods and baseball bats.

Doc : Old school. Means we got a fighting chance.

Eliza : They'll have metal detectors.

Wynonna : We'll adjust. Waverly, there are still 62 revenants out there trying to kill me.

Waverly : Aw, you did math!

Wynonna : I cannot believe I'm saying this, but without Bobo keeping them in line, who knows what they're up to.

Waverly : Yeah, Bobo...

Doc : Waverly can suss out the trailer park. She can go with Officer Haught.

Nicole : Agent.

Eliza : Yeah?

Nicole : No, it's Agent Haught. Dolls deputized me before he... He did, right?

Doc : Indeed.

Wynonna : Just... find out where the revenants have gone. We need to make sure that they're... not regrouping or planning something. God, is it hot in here or is it just me?

Waverly : Hey, can I… can I talk to you? Somewhere private?


Waverly : Okay, when was the last time you slept slash ate slash applied deodorant?

Wynonna : Did Bobo do something to you?

Waverly : Uh... don't deflect, I hate it when you do that. Wynonna, listen, 24 hours ago you shot our sister.

Wynonna : Yeah, and it sucked.

Waverly : She sucked.

Wynonna : Hey. Not helping.

Waverly : I'm sorry.

Wynonna : Listen, I need you to be Okay. So why am I dragging you into this again?

Waverly : Because I love you? Because you couldn't stop me if you tried? Because Dolls is my friend, too?

Wynonna : Alright, we'll grieve when we save him. I have a plan. Okay? A real plan. I need you to listen.

Waverly : Hit me.


Black Badge Division

Eliza : This'd be a lot easier if I had a combo.

Doc : 80, 62, 88. Deputy Marshall himself gave me the combination.

Eliza : Shit. This means Dolls isn't packing.

Doc : But I am.

Wynonna : What ? Guys?

Eliza : How long since his last dose?

Doc : 30 hours, give or take. But it was a doozy.

Wynonna : Guys.

Doc : You figure Black Badge will provide medication on their end?

Eliza : Not a chance. What do they care if Dolls devolves now?

Wynonna : Guys! What are you talking about?

Doc : Deputy Marshall Dolls is many things. He's stubborn, he's humorless, he's principled and he's strong. He's a good man. He's also not a man at all. Hey now. Where is he?

Eliza : Earp, c'mon.

Wynonna : Tell me where they took him!

Woman : Old Bread Factory on Cherry Brick Road!

Eliza : Thanks.

Doc : Wynonna.

Wynonna : Hope you're up for some dumpster diving. We'll need it.

Doc : Need what?

Wynonna : One big dead possum.



Agent : Credentials? What exactly are you transporting here?

Wynonna : The last of the shit from Purgatory.

Agent : Please exit the vehicle.

Doc : We've had a rough day, Ma'am.

Agent : You know the drill. Christ, you smell like shit rolled in shit.

Wynonna : Language.

Doc : If only, friend. It's a dead animal. Long dead.

Wynonna : Its junk was everywhere.

Doc : We don't get to clean-up, that smell's likely to linger round here for weeks.

Wynonna : We good to go?

Agent : Fine, yes, get out of here.


Doc : My.

Eliza : There's lots more where that came from, Tex.

Doc : I'm from Georgia, Ma'am.

Wynonna : Your head looks naked. Why are you sneaking around if you have a security pass?

Eliza : I had to get up there to cut the wire that disables the alarm. No turning back now.

Wynonna : Guess we're all in this together.

Eliza : Better nut up and decide who you can trust.



Nicole : Dolls provided you guys with guns I've never even heard of. What is this, Russian?

Waverly : Yeah… We're not taking any guns.

Nicole : Okay. Hey, you gonna be Okay with this? You and I working side by side for Black Badge?

Waverly : Hmm... having to stare at your gorgeous smile and pretty French braid around the conference table...

Nicole : Actually, I'm thinking of cutting it.

Waverly : Think I'll manage.

Nicole : I don't know what we're gonna find at that trailer park. All I know is with Bobo gone, these revenants are gonna be desperate. And desperate things… make desperate decisions.

Waverly : We're not going to the trailer park.

Nicole : What is this?

Waverly : This, Nicole, is for the greater good.


Waverly : What?

Nicole : Okay, if you want me to trust you, you've gotta tell me the plan. Preferably before I find you holding an axe over my head.

Waverly : Wynonna made me promise not to. She's my sister, Nicole. I have to protect her now more than ever. Hey... just like I need to protect you.

Nicole : Yeah. Okay. I just… I just wanna make sure you're Okay, you know, that… that deep down, you're still... my Waverly.

Waverly : Totally. But first, will you help me be somebody else?



Eliza : This is the door to the cells.

Wynonna : How whimsically nautical.

Doc : You backstabbing charlatan.

Eliza : Son of a...

Wynonna : Bitch! Yeah. One who set us up!

Eliza : No, I didn't, I swear! Yes, they're onto us they've clearly revoked my security clearance-but this means I'm as screwed as you!

Wynonna : I'll call in Plan B.

Eliza : What's plan B?

Wynonna : Walking through the front door, right about... now.


Unknown Place

Waverly : Liz Wallis Windsor, Scotland Yard. Here with the delivery? One ore daemonium? Jolly big mouth demon? Ah, of course. I’ll just… The shoes, don't forget the shoes.

Security Guy : Thing is, there's no visit from Scotland Yard scheduled in the log.

Waverly : Listen... I know the location of Black Badge safe house, I have a stonking great demon head stuffed into a wheelie bag, and I'm due back on a plane to London in three hours. It'd be one remarkably elaborate con, right, chap? Silver bullets. You want to dig them up and see? Brilliant. Uh, laboratory?

Security Guy : Left, right, right again.

Waverly : Marvelous. Toodles.

Nicole : Toodles, really?

Waverly : It just slipped out.



Nicole : Waverly, that is the worst British accent I've ever heard.


Unknown Place

Waverly : I improvised, Okay?

Nicole : Stay safe in there, Okay?

Waverly : Keep that getaway car running, Agent Haught.



Dolls : You don't gotta stay there and watch me. I'm not going anywhere.

Lucado : Hm! That's not true. In a couple hours you're going to Black Rock. And I'd like to be the last person you see before they blindfold you. Well, well, Agent Shapiro.

Dolls : Eliza? I told her not to come here.

Lucado : Guess she couldn't stay away. You did try to pull her out of that fire fight near Kabul.

Dolls : It was called triage. I couldn't save them both.

Lucado : You left my husband to die.

Dolls : No. Greg told me to leave him. He knew he was bleeding out.

Lucado : He liked you. You've always been a popular guy. And now, your friends are gonna pay for it.

Dolls : Wynonna? Doc?

Lucado : You know, they're uh… they're not going anywhere. You stay put, Okay?

Dolls : Lucado! Lucado!!!



Waverly : Hellooo? Hello? Here to drop off a… Whoa. Oh, you guys already have one. A big one. Shit. Plan B here, good for eliminating all unwanted problems quickly. Oh, Okay, that was inappropriate...



Wynonna : Waverly, listen...



Waverly : Yes, I have delivered the package.



Wynonna : Why the full Middleton?



Waverly : And yes, I'm on my way to the getaway car, far, far away from the danger.



Wynonna : No, no, not that, nyet. Plan B, AKA you, needs to become Plan C.



Waverly : Tell me what you need.



Eliza : They're not gonna keep us in here forever. I know it seems bad, but Dolls and I have been through worse. He saved my life, you know.

Wynonna : Okay, we get it. You shared a hotel room, you were obviously very close.

Eliza : C'mon, Earp. I had my own room.

Wynonna : What?

Eliza : I just like to see you squirm.

Wynonna : Look, we came all this way for him. Just tell me what Dolls is.

Eliza : He's what Black Badge made him. Though they lied to him about that, too. That's why I was in Purgatory. I was trying to help him find out what he... we are. What they did to us.

Doc : There is a possibility I am now hallucinating.

Wynonna : Jesus.

Eliza : Look, of course I know who you are, and what you are to Dolls, but even if your sister's successful, there's a really good chance that Dolls won't be able to control himself anymore.

Wynonna : I'm prepared for that. And I'll take care of it. Though I was kind of hoping I could go 24 hours without killing someone I...

Doc : Pray tell, what exactly is Waverly doing?



Waverly : So, in London, we have a R-500...

Jeremy : Uh, do you mean the S-550?

Waverly : Right, yes. But I mean… your system is just... it's so…

Jeremy : Bollocks.

Waverly : Pardon?

Jeremy : Yeah, I agree. The schematics suck. Cellular monitoring is so buggy it gives malaria a good name, the CMOS is 'mo' pathetic and the firewall's less likely to show up to play than Kanye. He's an American rapper.

Waverly : I'm British, not elderly. No, listen, our system gives us trouble when it comes to opening security doors...?

Jeremy : You mean like… this?

Waverly : Can you open all of them simultaneously?

Jeremy : Within the entire facility? Yeah. Option-J-3. Pretty basic stuff, mate. Not that you'd ever want to… Ah! Ow! What the hell? We can't bleed in here!

Waverly : Why not?

Jeremy : Because it'll smell it. That is a Hala, a Bulgarian devourer of souls. It's mean.

Waverly : Oh, and very mad.

Jeremy : Yeah, eeal mad. Okay, run!

Waverly : Where?

Jeremy : There !

Waverly : Wait !

Jeremy : No, forget it!

Waverly : No, no, no!

Jeremy : Why did you hit me?

Waverly : Okay, my name is Waverly, Waverly Earp...

Jeremy : What happened to your accent?

Waverly : I'm not with Scotland Yard. I'm here with my sister and Doc Holliday.

Jeremy : Doc Holliday? Are you high too?

Waverly : And some super fit secret agent, all to rescue... all to rescue Dolls.

Jeremy : Dolls?

Waverly : Yes.

Jeremy : Agent Xavier Dolls?

Waverly : Yes. Please. He's our friend. Can you help us?

Jeremy : Yes, Okay.



Wynonna : Here they come.

Eliza : No, this is something else. You need to go.

Wynonna : You must be yanking my va-Jane.

Eliza : These alarms are not good news for Waverly.

Wynonna : I'm not leaving without Dolls.

Eliza : I'll get him out. They're already onto me. My Black Badge days are over.

Wynonna : Look, lady, cool it. I'm an Earp, Okay? I know when I'm being played.

Eliza : You were saying?

Wynonna : What are you doing?

Doc : Pretty easy from this side. I just hit the button.

Wynonna : Well, hit it again! I'm coming with you!

Doc : I will get him out. And if he is no longer the raging asshole we know and respect, I shall take care of it. It's my turn, Wynonna. You've had enough.

Wynonna : Was this your plan all along?

Doc : Now go, save the sister you've got left.

Eliza : C'mon. The alarm's coming from the lab. They'll take it right up there.



Jeremy : Okay, if we don't get some real help, we're gonna get super eaten.

Waverly : Devourer of souls, eh?

Jeremy : Yeah, it's not just a cute nickname.



Wynonna : Bring it! I thought you were good in your underwear.

Eliza : You should see what I can do naked.



Doc : Deputy Marshall?

Lucado : Yeah, he's been demoted. You came alone? Curious. Foolish. But then again, you are the man who thinks he can pull off that moustache.

Doc : Aw, hell. Well, do you mind if I smoke? No guns allowed. At least that's what they told me.

Lucado : Feels good to break the rules every now and then, huh?

Doc : Indeed. Dynamite is totally undetectable by your fancy metal wands. And I should warn you: I was there when they built the railroad. One stick's enough to blow a rock face. Any face, really.

Lucado : If that stuff's as old as it looks, it's...

Doc : Terribly unstable. Doesn't even need a lit fuse.

Lucado : You're gonna blow us all up? For him? You're insane.

Doc : How do you like my moustache now?



Eliza : Run. I got this.

Wynonna : Don't mind if I do.



Lucado : You wouldn't.

Doc : Kaboom.

Lucado : I will shoot you.

Doc : Kaboom. Now, say you're sorry.

Lucado : I'm sorry.

Doc : Not to me. Don't kill her, Dolls! If you do, this will all be over.

Dolls : Whoa. Doc Holliday lecturing me on ethics, huh? Whoa... What a difference a year makes. I don't think I can make it, though.

Doc : Well, you'd better, or I'll have two angry Earp sisters breathing down my throat.

Dolls : Where d'you get all this dynamite from? What happened to your hat?



Jeremy : We are not gonna make it.

Waverly : Well, then neither will they. I'll take my chances.

Jeremy : What? Oh, God.

Waverly : Okay. Shh, shh, shh.

Jeremy : Hey, hey, hey! Take me! Devour my soul! Just let her go.

Waverly : No. No one's getting devoured. At least not today.

Jeremy : Whoa, Okay, what... what did you do?

Wynonna : Not today, Satan.

Jeremy : Are you sure you're not Scotland Yard?

Wynonna : Plan B. When you don't have a choice, and you gotta get rid of... Yeah, I hear it now.

Waverly : Right?

Wynonna : Are you Okay? Who are you? You know what, I don't care. We gotta go.

Waverly : Wait, Dolls, where's Dolls?

Wynonna : Doc's on it!



Doc : Hey.

Dolls : You kept one.

Doc : Yeah. No needle, though.

Dolls : Okay. Don't need it.

Doc : No time to be stingy. You need enough to run.

Dolls : Can you please tell her?

Doc : I will. Dolls, you need to go!

Dolls : Okay.

Doc : Dolls, go!

Man : We got 'em!

Doc : Gentlemen. Ma'am. Damn, I do feel naked without it.



Eliza : Hold... still!

Waverly : How do we get out?

Eliza : We go down!

Jeremy : What about me, what do I do?!

Wynonna : Ride or die, dude!

Jeremy : Okay, sure, yeah, no problem!


Wynonna : Hey, Lucado. You look pissed. Someone mess with your shoulder pads?

Lucado : No more bullshit. You failed, Earp. Say goodbye.

Wynonna : No, no! Listen, just… Let them go. I… blackmailed them into it. I told them if they didn't help me, I… I don't even know this guy!

Jeremy : Jeremy, 'sup.

Wynonna : Shut up!

Lucado : Tell you what: You can watch the rest of them die first.

Wynonna : No!

Moody : Ahem! Stand down, Agent Lucado. Good. The gang's all here.

Wynonna : Doc...

Doc : It's nothing, darlin'. You know how easily I bruise.

Lucado : Sir, I can explain. These traitors tried...

Moody : Oh, they did more than try. Agent Dolls has gone AWOL.

Waverly : Yes.

Moody : Doesn't make a lick of difference in the end. We'll find him.

Wynonna : He doesn't deserve this.

Moody : Well, Xavier used his one freebie to save your little town from a nuclear mishap.

Waverly : You were going to bomb Purgatory?

Moody : Seems you need to be reminded about your use of contraband weapons in general, Agent Lucado. Now yours.

Wynonna : You can pry Peacemaker from my cold dead hands.

Moody : I think I'll have one of the boys here do that for me. So you brought your magic gun just in case there was a demon attack, hm?

Wynonna : I brought my magic gun to remind you all that I'm the goddamn Earp heir and the only one who can send Wyatt's revenants back to hell.

Moody : I think revenants are the least of your problems. Or haven't you seen any of the new beasts that have flooded Purgatory? But yes, you will continue to patrol the Ghost River Triangle, and you will do it on behalf of Black Badge. All of you.

Doc : You can respectfully kiss my lily white ass.

Waverly : Doc.

Doc : I tried being a lawman. It didn't take.

Lucado : This is treason.

Eliza : And you're a dumpster fire. Don't sign anything. They're liars.

Waverly : What? Sign?

Lucado : Somebody has to pay, Moody! Soon.

Moody : Someone will. I can't kill the heir, but the rest of you are expendable. Got it? Agent Lucado, the contracts, please. Hey.

Wynonna : You want us to sign in blood?

Moody : It's how it's done. How it's always been done.

Waverly : Who are you people? Really?

Moody : Does it matter?

Wynonna : Don't talk to him any more.

Moody : Oh… Cheer up, Wynonna. I'll sweeten the pot for you. You play ball, I'll help you break the Earp Curse.

Wynonna : I already know how to break it.

Moody : Bobo Del Rey has been dispatched and his revenants are all scattered. You'll never find and kill them all, not in your lifetime. I'm being generous, Wynonna. You deal with the dozen or so demonic horrors that got into the Triangle when your sister opened the border, and could be we help you find a way. Lift your family's burden for good. Now get them out of my house. Oh, one more thing. Is there anyone else who knows about this mission? About Black Badge's assignment in Purgatory?

Waverly : Of course not. I swear on our mother's grave.

Wynonna : Seriously, how stupid do you think we are?



Wynonna : He just... shot her.

Waverly : God, I hope Nicole got out.

Wynonna : Car's gone.

Waverly : Good.

Doc : Good? How the hell are we gonna get home?

Wynonna : Doc… Did Dolls… say any... did he tell you to… tell me anything?

Doc : Not a thing.

Waverly : I'm sorry you had to re-up. I know how much you hate being one of the good guys.

Doc : I highly doubt those were the good guys. I finally got some dynamite and didn't even get to use it.



Wynonna : So… I'm not great at thank yous.

Doc : You're still pretty great, though.

Wynonna : I'm not sure he deserved it.

Doc : Well, we so rarely get what we deserve.

Wynonna : You could come in. I'm gonna take a shower.

Doc : Well, then I'll leave you to it.


Nicole : I'm sorry I left.

Waverly : No. No, you had to. I wanted you to. Of course. I didn't have a choice, right? He would've killed you.

Nicole : Or made it official. Signed me up too.

Waverly : In your own blood?

Nicole : I better get back to the station. I've still got so much paperwork to do.

Waverly : Yeah, I... I best check on Wynonna.


Waverly : So, what do we do now?

Wynonna : Find everything that got into the Ghost River Triangle and kill it.

Waverly : So, the usual. Sounds messy.

Wynonna : Braving the winter while hunting demons in an endless cycle of violence? Sounds fun.

Waverly : What about Black Badge? God, they're scary.

Wynonna : They should be scared of me. Forget Black Badge. Remember who the real enemy is. Who we're really fighting.

Waverly : Demons.

Wynonna : It's always demons.

Waverly : You know you don't have to do this all alone.

Wynonna : That's just it. No matter what they say, I only really have one job now. Keeping my baby sister safe. C'mon, Earp. Let's go break a curse.

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